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What our tartan track will look like!

25 May, 2016 - 17:28

This is what the finished product will look like when our sprint lanes are built this summer in Craughwell, except that ours will be wider (8 lanes) and longer(140m). The picture was taken today at the track in Westside and is the same surface that we are getting in Craughwell.

Conveniently, lanes 4 and 5 also indicate the total that we need to fund-raise quickly in order to complete the work this summer - €45k! So don’t sit back – help us get this done by supporting our Lotto.

Thank you!

Athletics track construction about to start

25 May, 2016 - 00:49

A quick update on facility progress for our members and a huge appeal to you to get behind our fundraising. You will have seen plenty of construction activity on the field in the last 8 weeks. This is just the start of some major development work to be completed during June and July. We are about to go ahead with the following:-

  • Completion of basic roadway and carpark on the new grounds
  • Installation of 8 additional floodlights
  • Construction of an 8-lane IAAF-certified tartan sprint runway 140m long, bordered at one end by a large long jump pit.
  • Surfacing of our new high jump area with the same tartan surface bringing it also to an IAAF-certified standard.

All of which is targeted to be complete by mid-August this year.

But we are short funds to get everything done – €45,000 to be precise and we really need parents to get behind our fund-raising efforts in this regard. Please don’t leave it to someone else, please don’t set this note to one side and say I must do that sometime. The time to help is now – we really need these funds. If we can get them, we can deliver all of the above and as well as providing better facilities for your children to use immediately, you eliminate a lot of travel time required when we have to go to Dangan or Athlone to get the benefit of proper track surfaces.

The benefit to your children is huge. Our membership and fund-raising is relatively small and the cost to you for the facilities we are and will be providing is relatively small. An example of costs elsewhere is a new track currently being developed for Kilkenny County Council by the same company that will be installing ours. If you google for “Kilkenny watershed track”, you will see that they charge almost €3 per child each time they use the facility. Our facility is free of charge to members. We just need your support with the fundraising. And as your children get older, they train more often and will get an even bigger benefit.

A major part of our fund-raising campaign is our newly launched club lotto which we have just commenced in conjunction with Croí, the highly regarding cardiac health and stroke prevention charity. Our target is to get 900 people to sign up for a year. This will raise what we need. Please help and please encourage friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbours to also signup.

You can sign-up online by clicking on the picture across or at (make sure you select Craughwell AC as the joint beneficiary!) or contact the undersigned if you have difficulty in doing that and we will assist.


Your €2 will be spent each week as follows:

  •           €1 to the Croí Lotto which covers all costs and prizes of the Lotto and raises funds for their charitable work.
  •           €1 to Craughwell AC which will be spent in 2016 as follows:-
    •      10 cents towards construction of roadway and carpark
    •      17 cents towards installation of 8 additional floodlights
    •      17 cents towards construction of high jump and long jump areas      
    •      56 cents towards the construction of the sprint lanes


As an added incentive, if you sign up for the year, we will give you free membership of the facility for the year which gives you the right to use the perimeter route at any time of day to jog/walk or the other routes when juvenile training not in progress.

Please support and please push with friends and relatives as best you can - we are building facilities for you and your families and your descendants! Each year we will be making improvements. A little goes a long way, and a lot of ‘littles’ goes an awful long way!

Thank you

Michael Tobin, Facility Development Officer, 087 6591879
Tracy Moran, Fundraising Coordinator, 087 8810737

Timetable for Connacht Schools Tomorrow

18 May, 2016 - 13:34

Provisional timetable for tomorrow is here:-


Craughwell's Fittest Family!

16 May, 2016 - 22:17

A nice snap of possibly Craughwell's fittest family - the 3 Miskella siblings after some champion performances in Dangan yesterday where Aibhe won double gold in U15 800m and 1500m, Jack won silver in Junior Men 400m and a fine PB of 2.09.96 in the 800m, and Emily won gold in the U13 Long Jump, 4th place in the 600m and 6th place in the hurdles. Impressive performances!! The photo reminded me of 1 taken almost 5 years to the day at Craughwell Community Games where the trio were similarly displaying their talent for athletics ... 

Dangan, May 2016

Craughwell, May 2011

Further success at County Championships!

15 May, 2016 - 23:57

Leanagh Gilligan and Lorraine Delaney who both joined the exclusive 5m Long Jump Club at the weekend!

Yet another highly successful day at the Galway Championships on a glorious sunny day saw many more fine performances from the large numbers of Craughwell athletes in attendance, most notably Jerry Keary’s breath-taking 1.92m in the U17 high jump to set a new club senior outdoor record, Leanagh Gilligan and Lorraine Delaney both breaking 5 metres for the first time in the long jump and Lukas Schukat clearing 1.45m to win the U14 high jump.

The following are partial results from the day which I will update as soon as the official result come out or coaches/parents can send me corrections in the meantime.

U13 Girls
Long Jump 1 Emily Miskella, 2 Rebecca Lynch
High Jump 1 Saoirse Pierce
Javelin 1 Rebecca Lynch, 2 Leah Farrelly, 3 Tara Kelly
4x100m 3 Craughwell AC (Eve Ayo, Rebecca Lynch, Oliwia Koman, Emily Miskella, sub Anna Molloy)

U13 Boys
Long Jump 3 Lukas Schukat
High Jump 1 Lukas Schukat, 2 Conor Hoade, 3 Liam McDonagh
Javelin 1 Liam McDonagh, 2 Oisin Keane, 3 Robert Urquhart
Shot Putt 1 Oisin Keane
4x100m Craughwell AC 2 (Kieran O'Connor, Lukas Schukat, Conor Hoade, Rian Kearney, sub Liam Mulveen)

U14 Girls
75m Hurdles 2 Aine Kelly
Long Jump 3 Aine Kelly
High Jump 2 Ellie Cronin, 3 Aine Kelly
Javelin 1 Lauran McNally, 3 Edel Farrelly
4x100m 3 Craughwell AC (Aine Kelly, Ava Finn, Ellie Cronin, Ciara Hughes, sub Emma Jane Moran)

U14 Boys
75m Hurdles 1 Jack Farrell, 2 Lewis Ryan, 3 Padraig Martyn
80m 1 Shaun Gilligan, 2 Pascal Walsh
200m 1 Shaun Gilligan, 2 Pascal Walsh
800m 1 Sean Cotter
1500m 1 Sean Cotter
Long Jump 1 Shaun Gilligan, 2 Jack Farrell, 3 Padraig Martyn
High Jump 1 Lewis Ryan
Javelin 1 Conor Trehy, 2 Sean Cahill, 3 James Furey
Shot Putt 3 Sean Cahill
4x100m 1 Craughwell AC (Shaun Gilligan, Robert Urquhart, Pascal Walsh, Padraig Martyn, Jack Fitzgerald), 3 Craughwell AC (Jack Fitzgerald, James Furey, Conor Trehy, Ludhaigh Morgan)

Craughwell AC's U15 Girls 4x100m Team,  County Champions 2016
Freya Bohan, Chloe Casey, Ava Finn, Leanagh Gilligan

U15 Girls
100m 2 Freya Bohan
200m 2 Chloe Casey
80m Hurdles 3 Leanagh Gilligan
800m 1 Ailbhe Miskella
1500m 1 Ailbhe Miskella, 3 Ciara Shepard
Long Jump 1 Leanagh Gilligan, 3 Freya Bohan
High Jump 1 Chloe Casey
4x100m 1 Craughwell AC (Ava Finn, Chloe Casey, Leanagh Gilligan, Freya Bohan)

U15 Boys
80m 2 Ryan Gallagher
80m Hurdles 1 Ryan Gallagher
800m 1 Finbarr McFadden
1500m 1 Finbarr McFadden, 2 Kyle Moorhead
Long Jump 1 Conor Roberts, 3 Finbarr McFadden
High Jump 1 Sean Connaughton, 2 Ryan Gallagher

U16/17 Girls
80m Hurdles 3 Lorraine Delaney
100m 2 Siona Lawless
200m 2 Siona Lawless
1500m 2 Catherine Noonan
High Jump 1 Laura Cunningham, 2 Ciana Reidy, 3 Aoife Walsh
Long Jump 1 Lorraine Delaney, 2 Aoife Walsh, 3 Caoilin Milton
Triple Jump 1 Laura Cunningham, 2 Caoilin Milton
Shot Putt 2 Shauna Tobin
Javelin 2 Laura Cunningham, 3 Shauna Tobin

U16/17 Boys
200m 3 Oisin Lyons
400m 1 Oisin Lyons
800m 1 Oisin Lyons
1500m 1 Ben Ryan
Long Jump 1 Oisin Lyons, 2 Louis Molloy
High Jump 1 Jerry Keary

Craughwell AC's Junior Womens 4x100m Team, County Junior Champions 2016
Ciana Reidy, Aoife Walsh, Katie Stephens, Caoilin Milton

Junior Women
100m Hurdles 1 Aisling Keady
800m 3 Aoife Greene
1500m 1 Caron Ryan
Long Jump 1 Aisling Keady, 2 Katie Stephens, 3 Mary Dunphy
High Jump 1 Aisling Keady
Triple Jump 1 Aisling Keady
Javelin 1 Aisling Keady
Shot Putt 1 Laura Cunningham, 2 Aisling Keady, 3 Caoilin Milton
4x100m 1 Craughwell AC (Aoife Walsh, Katie Stephens, Ciana Reidy, Caoilin Milton)

Junior Men
400m 2 Jack Miskella,
800m 3 Odhran Keane
Long Jump 1 Matthew McKiernan, 3 Ben Garrard
Triple Jump 2 Matthew McKiernan
Shot Putt 1 Ben Garrard, 3 Oisin Lyons

The Craughwell Senior Women 4x100m who placed second in the Galway Senior Championships
Orla Ryan, Katie O'Donoghue, Aisling Keady, Laura Cunningham

Senior Women
Long Jump 1 Katie O'Donoghue, 2 Orla Ryan
High Jump 1 Katie O'Donoghue, 2 Orla Ryan
Triple Jump 1 Sarah Finnegan
4x100m 2 Craughwell AC (Orla Ryan, Laura Cunningham, Katie O’Donoghue, Aisling Keady), 3 Craughwell AC (Sarah Finnegan, Rena Deely, Niamh Flavin, Rachel Finnegan)

Senior Men
800m 3 Gavin Cooney
Long Jump 2 Gavin Cooney
Triple Jump 2 Gavin Cooney
High Jump 2 Gavin Cooney

Craughwell AC Seeking Clerical Assistant

14 May, 2016 - 22:31

If anyone out there is interested in a parttime position on the Communiy Employment Programme, the club have been approved for an allocation of a clerical assistant to perform some admin duties for the the club as par of the CE Program. Click on the image below for more details or go to the website, enter location "Galway County" and Type "Employment Programme" and hit Search to get to same page. If interested, you will need to contact Galway Rural Development in Athenry to follow up on it. The club is not involved in the selection of a person for the role.

Timetable for tomorrow

14 May, 2016 - 20:29

Timetable for tomorrow is below. Best of luck to all of our participants!


Fantastic Day for U8-12s in Dangan

11 May, 2016 - 11:40

U9 Boys Relays Sweep the Boards!

Last week culminated with one of the highlights of the athletics year for our younger athletes – the Galway U8-12 Track & Field Championships in Dangan, Galway. With over 180 athletes taking part from the club, to say it was a busy day for our coaches and athletes is a massive understatement.

The club had loads of success throughout the day, medalling in most events and everyone having a good time in the pleasant weather conditions. A big well done to the organising team led by GCH's Ger Nally and John Kilmartin - with over 500 athletes competing across dozens of events over 7 hours, its a hard one to organise without any hiccups and the day went extraordinarily well for the most part. And thank you to all the parents from our own club who gave up several hours during the day to help as officials - without you this event could not take place.

Full results of the day are as follows:-

Shauna Stars in Stoke!

11 May, 2016 - 11:06

Shauna Bocquet competed in her first British Wheelchair racing games in Stoke Mandeville on Saturday and Sunday. Over 70 wheelchair racers (including 28 girls) competed, with the best of Great Britain looking for qualification times for the upcoming IPC European Championships. The conditions were great with temperatures reaching 25 degrees over the two days. On Saturday, Shauna started with a 100m PB in the heats with a time of 19"27, more than enough to make the A final in the afternoon where she came 6th amongst European, World and Paralympic champions! Next was the 400m where she managed another PB with a time of 69"33 but, this time, it was not enough to make the final as she was 10th time overall. Finally, she raced in the 1500m final coming 4th and recording a 9 seconds PB with a new time of 4:34"08.

On Sunday, the wind had picked up but Shauna recorded one more PB in the 200m heats with a time of 35"67 and once again made the A final where she came 7th. To complete the week-end, Shauna also made the 800m final where she could hold on to the pack for the first 300m and managed to hold off a late charge from the older and stronger girls to come 6th in a brillant finish! Great week-end overall and a lot of experience gained. Next on the track will be the Irish Nationals in Santry on the 4th of June.

Anticipation Builds For Sunday!

7 May, 2016 - 00:02

The singlets are washed, the spikes are cleaned, the excitement is building as Sunday's Galway Outdoor Track & Field approaches! With the addition of some events for U8s this year and the further addition of U12 hurdles, its a bulging program of events that starts at 10am in the morning and is scheduled to end around 6.30pm. There are 527 athletes entered which includes a massive 180 from Craughwell AC.

Its an exciting time for the club what with the development of improved facilities and huge participation rates across all age groups. With a new senior infants group just started and competition entering its summer season, there are busy months ahead. Coupled with this the club was confirmed as the 2nd largest juvenile club in the country in the latest AAI figures with 436 junior/juvenile members. And with 131 adult members comprising 36 juvenile coaches and 95 senior/master members, the clubs combined total of 567 members makes it the 3rd largest in the country - a wonderfu achievement for a club whose membership is drawn largely from a handful of rural parishes.

The timetable for Sunday is here. Best of luck to all of our participants - hopefully you will enjoy participating in the events and come home with a smile on your face and hopefully the weather smiles on us too.


Great Excitement at Sth Connacht Schools T&F

6 May, 2016 - 22:44

Senior and Intermediate Boys 800m Athletes
Ben Garrard (4th Intermediate), Jack Miskella (3rd Senior), Odhran Keane (1st Senior)

A long but enjoyable day of track and field took place in Athlone yesterday with the South Connacht Schools Championships where large numbers from the club took part representing their schools.

The day kicked off at 10am and went full throttle until 7.15pm that evening when the last relay race completed – a long day for participants and an even longer day for the hard-working officials. The club had teenagers in action from Presentation Athenry, Calasanctius Oranmore, Loughrea VS, St Raphael’s Loughrea, Seamount Kinvara, Athenry VS and The Bower Athlone with many fine performances in blustery but sunny weather conditions.

Timetable for U8-12s Galway T&F Sunday 8th May

6 May, 2016 - 16:30

Timetable for this Sunday attached below. Please note that all times are provisonal so please aim to arrive an hour before the listed time and please don't be harsh on officials if times change. The intention of giving this level of detail on times is to allow parents and coaches make rough calculations of times if the event runs ahead or behind. As you can see, there are alot of participants and its hard to accurately timetable an 8 hour program of events of this scale.


2016 Adult Track and Field County Championships Day One Sunday May 15th

4 May, 2016 - 21:26

Details for the Galway Senior/Masters/Junior Track and Field Championships 2016 have been announced
Venue – Dangan , Galway

Day One - Sunday 15th May
Track ( Electronic timing)
- 100m
- 200m
- 400m
- 800m
- 1500m
- 100/110 hurdles
- 400m hurdles
- race walk
- 4x100m
- long jump
- triple jump
- high jump
- shot putt
- javelin

Can all members have their entries into by Saturday 7th May.

Entry is €5 for two events or €10 for two or more.

Results of Craughwell Community Games 2016

3 May, 2016 - 22:48

Craughwell Community Games were held on the new athletics grounds in Crinnage for the first time at the weekend. There was a good turnout on a blustery day with plenty of excitement in the air. The historic first track & field event to be held on the new grounds were the Preschool Girls and Boys 20m races and they were appropriately won by Lena and Tom Glennon from the sports-mad Glennon family! Well done to all who took part and thank you to everyone who helped as officials on the day. A summary of the leading competitors in each event follows:-

New High Jump Area Springs Into Action!

1 May, 2016 - 16:01

Despite the absense of sunshine on the first day of summer today, it was time to hold the first ever high jump training session on the club's new high jump facility at our new grounds. Alot of work has taken place in the last 4 weeks to construct a roadway and carpark into the grounds and then a 20x20m high jump area - and its all coming together nicely now. With more floodlighting and tartan sprint lanes to go in over the summer, we should have alot of what we need locally in place by the end of this year. 

The honour of being the first ever to high jump on the new facility went to Aisling Keady and she was followed swiftly by Lorraine Delaney, Aoife Walsh, Freya Bohan, Katie O'Donoghue and Gavin Cooney. Being able to jump regularly and locally will be of tremendous assistance to our large group of talented high jumpers in the years ahead, so its super that it is all coming together.

High Jump History Makers
Gavin Cooney, Aisling Keady, Aoife Walsh, Lorraine Delaney, Freya Bohan, Katie O'Donoghue


Craughwell Community Games 2016 Mon May 2nd

27 April, 2016 - 14:10


Craughwell Community Games will take place this bank holiday Monday May 2nd from 3pm to 6pm as the astroturf and adjacent athletics field.

You don't need to be a member of the athletic club to take part - the event is intended for all children in the parish and is a great opportunity to represent the parish in the Galway finals either as an individual or on a relay team.

It promises to be an entertaining event with the following events in each age group. Children can take part in as many events in their age group as they wish.  Entry fee is €5 per family - mainly to cover costs of medals.

  • Preschool: 25m
  • U6s: 35m
  • U8s: 60m & 80m
  • U10s: 100m, 200m, hurdles
  • U12s: 100m, 600m, ball throw, long puck (boys)
  • U14s: 100m, 800m, hurdles, long jump, shot putt, javelin, long puck (girls)
  • U16s: 100m, 200m, 1500m, discus, high jump

Note spikes are not allowed in running shoes for U12s and younger in the community games. U14s and older may wear them.

A provisional timetable will be published in this article later today.

For more information, contact Mike Tobin at 087 6591879 or Tracy Moran at 087 8810737.

Shauna First U14 In London Mini-Marathon!

24 April, 2016 - 15:09

A massive well done to Shauna Bocquet who won the U14 grade in the London Mini-Marathon today. Well done Shauna and coach/dad Loic !!!!! 

Athletes Debut in Dublin Graded Meet

23 April, 2016 - 22:05

Aisling Keady, Aoife Walsh and Caoilin Milton at the Dublin Graded Meet in Santry Stadium

A small group of Craughwell AC athletes made the trip to Dublin during the week for the first evening meet of the 2016 Dublin Graded Series. The series comprises 8 Wednesday evenings throughout the summer and is ideal preparation for the forthcoming track & field season or for attempting a few PBs in graded races.

Aoife Walsh leaped an impressive 1.45m to take 2nd place in the high jump with Aisling Keady 3rd in 1.40m and Caoilin Milton clearing 1.25m on her first time in individual high jump in quite a while. Gavin Cooney had a good season’s opener in the 800m when running 2.08.70 to take 3rd place in the Men’s 800m B race. While late in the evening in chilly conditions, Aisling Keady ran a strong 100m to take 2nd place in the Women’s 100m B race in a time of 13.46 with Caoilin Milton hot on her heels in 3rd place in a time of 13.59 and Aoife Walsh a little further back in 14.52. Full results are on the Dublin athletics website.

The remaining 7 meets in the Series are listed below and with Dublin only a short 95-ish-minute drive up the motorway on a Wednesday evening, how better to spend your time than spin up to the graded meet and give it a blast for a PB in a stress-free non-championship event. Sure what else would you be doing on a Wednesday evening! Each day kicks off at 7pm and you can register online up to 1pm on the day of the event. Click on the program below for more details.

Further silverware for Conor and Sineád!

19 April, 2016 - 03:40

Conor Duggan (University College Dublin) and Sineád Gaffney (University of Limerick)
at the Irish Universities Track & Field Championships in Santry

Conor Duggan and Sineád Gaffney both represented their colleges with distinction at the Irish Universities Track & Field in Santry at the weekend with both athletes helping their college to take the silver medals in the 4x400m relay with Sineád featuring on the University of Limerick women’s team and Conor on the University College Dublin men’s team. Earlier in absolutely terrible weather conditions, Sineád made the final of the women’s 800m where she placed 6th in a time of 2.27.08 while Conor placed 6th in the final of the men’s 200m in a time of 22.55 having earlier ran 11.05 in the 100m semifinals – his fastest season opener to date.

Meanwhile at the Leevale Open Track & Field in Cork, Evan Hallinan made a very worthwhile trip down to the rebel city where he took part in high jump, long jump and hurdles. Evan leaped an amazing 1.40m to take the gold medal in the U12 High Jump and stepped up an age to take the gold in the U13 Long Jump with an equally impressive 4.27m. And for good measure he added bronze in the U12 Hurdles in a time of 11.60. The previous best high jump by an U12 boy in the club was Jack Raftery's 1.36m in 2006 while Jack also holds the U12 record for best long jump with a 4.50m leap the same year. Interestingly Jack's dad and Evan's dad grew up right next door to each other! That corner of the main street in Craughwell can be rechristened jumper's corner!

Sineád in action in the final of the IUAA 800m
(photo from IUAA Facebook page

Juniors Light Up Road Racing Scene!

19 April, 2016 - 03:21

Members of Craughwell AC's fit4youth group who took part in the Loughrea 5k
Claire Callanan, Grace Mortimer, Maria O’Keeffe and Aisling Carr

The few weeks gap between the indoor and outdoor track seasons has afforded the opportunity to some of the club’s athletes to try their hand at the local road race scene with some remarkable success. Shauna Bocquet continues to set the 5k scene alight with some blistering times on the road – most recently in the Loughrea 5k where she raced to a time of 16:38 (a massive PB by 21 seconds) and then in the New Inn 5k with a time of 17:12 and then in the Claregalway 5k which she won with a time of 17.56.

13-year old Kyle Moorhead took a spectacular 12th place overall and 1st U20 in the “Remembering Aoibhe” Renville 5k in an exceptional time of 20:11 and not to be outdone, 13-year old Ailbhe Miskella did likewise in the U20 grade in the New Inn 5k recording a fine time of 21:58 and taking 5th place amongst senior women. Jack Miskella took 2nd place in the Junior Men in New Inn in a time of 18:55 and 11th place overall.

Peadar Harvey raced to 2nd place in the Loughrea 5k in a time of 16.22 while Damien Larkin took 2nd in the New Inn 5k with a time of 16.57 with Gavin Cooney 5th with 18.16. Damien O’Boyle ran an outstanding 32.34 to take 2nd place in the Tubbercurry 10k.

Meanwhile some of the club’s fit4youth group made their road race debut in the Loughrea 5k where Claire Callanan, Grace Mortimer, Maria O’Keeffe and Aisling Carr all completed the 5k course in style and The fit4youth group meet at 8.15pm every Tuesday and Thursday at Craughwell astro-turf where they walk, jog, run (and talk!!) making steady improvements each week. Four of the group decided to take on the Loughrea 5k as a personal challenge and they really took it in their stride and finished mid-pack in the 250-strong race while really enjoying the experience.