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Martin Egan 10K Race Result and Report

** Official Result added - May 2012 **

A good day in the Beagh/Shanaglish area yesterday with the third running of their 10K road race, now renamed the Martin Egan Memorial 10K Road Race. Margaret Walsh - organising her second race in a little under a month - and her band of helpers from the local area and her home club, South Galway, put on a fine show for visitors and locals alike.

Fields Juvenile Race Result

A great turnout for the Juvenile 1KM race before the main event on last St. Stephen's Day.

A list of the finishers is below.

1 Brandon Lee 35 Alisha Noone 69 Kate Hurley
2 Mathew Treacy 36 Luke Burke 70 Catherine Gorman
3 Shannon Lee 37 cathal Lally 71 Maria Gorman
4 Dean Treacy 38 Carla Noone
5 Mikey Burke 39 Hazel Bichard
6 Tiernan Burke 40 Saibhe Eagan
7 Niamh Conerney 41 Colin Noone
8 Fionn Conerney 42 Sinead Lyons
9 Michael Rice 43 Shean Guiry
10 Christian Mullen 44 Anneka O'Donnell
11 Fabien Mangan 45 Leah Joyce

Jane Ann Runs a Christmas Cracker in Waterford!

No pictures yet - will get something nicer up if they put up some photos!

The third half marathon in Waterford this year; between the postponed Dec. 2010 half marathon held in January, the national half marathon in September and the 2011 WAC club race held this December, there were plenty of grumbles from local runners at the thought of having to trek out the Waterford bypass again on what is one of the less scenic half marathon routes in the country!

Carnmore 5KM Race Result

Andrew Talbot and his crew from Carnmore Hurling Club put on a great show yesterday for their second annual Turkey Trot 5KM in Carnmore, Sunday 4 December 2011.

The weather gods smiled on the race too, though it was a close shave, with rain before and immediately after proceedings.


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