Labane 10KM Result and Report

** Official Result attached **

The second annual Labane/Ardrahan/Galway Sports Partnership 10KM took place yesterday (Saturday, 20 April 2013) around the pan-handled course, starting and finishing in the interesting village of Labane, midways between Ardrahan and Gort, off the main Galway/Limerick Road.

The organiers put on a super show again, including ensuring the weather stayed dry albeit a bit windy, which buffeted the runners constantly over the first half of the race.

A full provisional result and prize list is attached below.

Our Thoughts are with Boston Runners

Folks, an awful thing happened in Boston today, innocent runners and spectators being killed and maimed. It's the first time I can remember a race being the target of terrorism. It's impossible not to think about it and realise that someone we know could have been there, could have been involved. As far as I know, no one from our club was running.

Hopefully the authorities will find and imprison the perpetrators very soon. - Patrick Forde's Connemarathon Ultra

I couldn’t sleep. The butterflies in my tummy were circling like the Hitchcock film The Birds. Clock finally went off at 5.50 and I got up – wrecked. This was going to be a day I was never going to forget for the rest of my life. It was Connemara Ultra Marathon day at last. Weeks and weeks of training and preparation led me to this morning – and I got up absolutely jaded – typical!

20 Questions for Patrick Forde

I started running five years ago. After I finally gave up the GAA my weight soared so it was a suggestion by my wife Claire to see if I liked it. Well I loved it and haven't looked back. I joined Athenry AC a year later and am proud to be part of the best club in Ireland!

I've ran in Prague and Rome and in London and its wonderful to hear "Go on Athenry" where ever you are. With the farm and working evenings, I train mostly in the mornings around Dunsandle and generally have set plans leading up to big races. People don't wonder at this once regular lad now running around the woods in a pair of black tights, funny shoes, an orange top and wearing sunglasses in the rain, although they took a while! Its easy be conscious of what people think at first but you have to get over it. Biggest event so far was the recent Ultra Marathon [Connemara] which I completed in 6.20.