until Fields of Athenry 10km 2016

Fields of Athenry 10KM


As early morning dawned on the 26th there were memories brewing of St Stephens Day 2012 when we nearly renamed our annual 10k ‘The Lakes of Athenry’ such was the volume of water on the course. With the temperature hovering just around the 2° coupled with a biting wind & torrential rain it was a day to stay in bed. But runners are a strange breed & as this year’s record number of entrants started arriving there was hardly a grumble to be heard. Dealing with diverse weather conditions is just a part of racing in Ireland and after a while you just tend not to notice anymore.

**Weather Update**

Whilst the country is experiencing some awful weather at the minute we are expecting a nice fresh morning on Thursday 26th for our annual Fields of Athenry 10km. It's looking like the worst of the weather will pass by this evening with a dry day tomorrow lasting through to Thursday afternoon.

Coming back for more

For some people, the tradition of coming to Athenry on 26th December for the Fields 10km goes back a while - in fact, back to the beginning. For these 8 people, this is a solid tradition, and they do whatever it takes to make it to the start line every year.

Tommy Joe Whyte risked the rath of his boss in Scotland in early 2010. The 2009 race was postponed - indeed postponed twice - but Tommy was due to return to Scotland to work. I'm not sure what he did, but he managed to hang around and he was on the startline for the eventual running of the race in late January.


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