Annaghdown Summer Solstice 10K This Sunday 21 June

Coolin' in the Corrib

The 21st of June, the summer solstice has been a significant date in the calendar for thousands of years. It’s a time to rejoice and celebrate, when the tilt of the earth’s axis causes the sun's position in the sky to reach its southernmost extreme. And now it’s also the time to lace up the runners and head out to Annaghdown on the banks of the Corrib for the AAI sanctioned Annaghdown Summer Solstice 10K.

Dashing Diana in the Desert

News reaches us that Galway based runner Diana Hogan-Murphy is leading the women's division in the early stages of the Gobi Desert March Adventure Race.

Diana recently told us of her adventures running the Comrades Ultramarathon on this site at (

Diana Hogan-Murphy Placing after Two Stages
Diana Hogan-Murphy Placing after Two Stages

You can keep up to date with her progress over the remaining stages of the race at

Good Luck for the remaining stages Diana...!

Martina's Mini Marathon

One of our newer members, Martina Fahy, recently completed the Women's Mini Marathon in Dublin.

Here's her report of the action on the day...

Congratulations on a great effort Martina

"I worked a seven day very busy shift (Ocean Race Week) in Salthill as a chef in the hottest week in the year coming up to the mini marathon. Drinking lots of water and finding it hard to keep hydrated, (no alcohol consumed in preparation).

I also had done 5 of the 5 km runs every Tuesday best PB being 22.20 so this in mind I hoped to do the mini marathon in 45 – 48 minutes.

Paul Hession races again in Europe during the week

Paul Hession ran the 100M (2nd in 10.55) and 200M (1st in 20.73) at Enea on Wednesday evening:

Paull will also be defending his two titles at the upcoming 58th Cork City Sports:

Cian Blake's London Marathon - Panic in the Streets of London

There’s a scene halfway through a classic film that sums up London, or at least the mid nineties junkie’s view of it. A fantasy land of orange haired punks, red double decker buses, micro skirted ladies and smiling policemen with black helmets, where money and jobs spurt like water from a hose soundtracked by belting 1994 progressive house. In the film it symbolises a sort of Mecca for the escapees from Edinburgh’s chilly grime. Sometimes reality turns out to be perpendicular to the dream.

Connacht Finals for Under 9, 10 and 11

Athenry juvenile athletic club had a very successful day in the first of the three days of Connacht track and field finals last weekend in Athlone. It was the turn of the under 9, 10, 11s, in this age group athletes have to compete in pairs, the best 3 pairs in each event at county level qualified for the Connacht finals.
Fifteen pairs from Athenry qualified for the finals, ten of the fifteen won provincial medals, 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze and Athenry also won 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal from the six relay competitions.

Tripping up...

Handle with care...

Fell late last night while out doing a slow three miler. Had double knotted my laces, as usual, but obviously I left a big-enough loop in one of the them so that when I performed a full 360 degree turn at one stage, my right lace tangled up my left foot.


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