Oughterard 10KM - The Mick Molloy Classic

Paul Fallon, Christina Mullkerrins and Ivan Evans at the launch

Oughterard 10KM - The Mick Molloy Classic - announced...

Saturday July 18th 2009 at 5pm, kids fun run at 4pm.

Last night saw the launch of yet another race to add to the increasingly crowded local calendar. But this race isn't exactly new, it is making a long overdue return. With the popularity of running currently seeing in the very successful county 5K series, we are seeing a lot of new folks joining the sport, and that is indeed a wonderful thing.

Zen and the Art of Not Falling Off

Race Report From This Year's Burren Marathon Challenge from Deirdre Hassett

A philosophical question: is it possible to win if technically you’re not racing, sort of like a tree falling in the forest? I had a couple of goals for the Burren half marathon this year - as my second attempt, one goal was to stay on course (after a disastrous stray off course last year by the whole field on a badly marked route) and the other was to use it as a nice challenging training run (it not being a race would make it easier to stick to the goal pace). Last year we ended up bog hopping across the top of the Burren as a result of getting lost; this year should be much easier. So I thought.

Band On the Run

They say ‘you can never go back’ and they also say that ‘lightening never strikes twice in the same place’. Well the Athenry AC No.1 Marathon Relay Team, not to be confused with the Ladies’ No.1 Detective Agency, tried to turn the book of clichés on its head last weekend by returning to the scene of our greatest triumph (a well beaten third place last year) and running in the Cork City Marathon Relay. All that stood between us and ultimate glory was a lack of ability, patchy training and a bad attitude. Undaunted by these minor factors, we planned for success.

Diana - Comrades is 'In Her Blood'

Report from this year's race from Galway based Ultra-Endurance Athlete - Diana Hogan-Murphy

Comrades has to be the world’s greatest race. I mean 89km is the type of distance that usually lures about, oh, 70 runners. But Comrades has enough magnetism to draw 12,000 athletes wanting to complete what the organisers call “The Ultimate Human Race”. And everyone in South Africa is a Comrades aficionado, thanks to the continuous 12-hour live national TV coverage. In most countries only events such as The Olympic Games and The Tour de France would receive such coverage!


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