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Running In Beautiful Fanore

by Martina Passman
Hello to all you fellow running people out there!
Maybe you read the piece that I wrote about how, where, when and why I started running?
Well, I'm nearly six months a 'Fit for Lifer' now,and I'm going to send in a report to this site every now and then about how all this running is working for me - or not.


Training is back Mondays and Wednesday nights at 7 oclock for all children aged 9 and older.  We will be training at Moonbaun pitch on the left after Athenry soccer club.    Training for the younger children will resume shortly will keep you updated.  Any questions contact Martin on  087 9840741 or Sinead 087 6330527.

National Community Games Report

From Peter Lyons this morning...

Every year thousands of children from all over Ireland travel to the Community Games National Finals. Previously they have been held in Mosney Co. Meath but 2009 saw a change of venue and Athlone Institute of Technology was selected as the new home.

In total, 13 Athenry area athletes made the short trip up the M6 to Athlone; their results and progress are as follows:

* Girls U8 80M - Sinead Lyons (Athenry A.C.)

52.4 With Johnny....

One of the things I miss about working in Galway is the lunch and tea rituals. Lunch tends to be rushed or desk affairs in the US, and while the Irish abroad normally make time to go to the canteen here, I miss the long (and often frankly ridiculous) conversations over cornflakes. One long discussed issue with my colleague Declan over cups of stewed tea in Galway is my reluctance to sign up for any sponsored fundraising events which are less than something I’d roll out of bed for, say, for entertainment on a random Saturday (rules out climbing Croke Patrick, anything which involves ‘walking’ anywhere in Galway, any run under twenty miles, etc.) Declan was mystified by this. In theory, the actual event is a token to coax people to donate money to charity. My attitude is that if people are going to shell out good money to sponsor me for an endeavour, I should at the very least suffer for it; the money must be earned in blood. The last two years I chose a marathon for sponsored fundraising, and (especially the first year), I suffered authentically for it, both in training and on the day. Two years after terrifying marathon number one....well, it’s getting a bit old. So what next?

New Fit4Life term starts in Corofin 6 September

A new fit4life term will start on Monday 6th September at 9:30AM from St Colman's National School in Corofin. 

There will also be a session at 9:30AM on Wednesday 8th September from the same place.

This course should be perfect for athletes wishing to get themselves fit in time for Christmas, although ALL fitness goals will be accomodated.

Price: 20 Euro

Contact: Maria Hehir (085) 1085872.


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