Athenry AC Athletes Official Finishing Times From Race Web Site

From: and thanks to Iain Shaw
for doing the hard work here...

74 Mick Rice (No. 9443) Irl M40 10 00:39:35 01:24:01 01:58:54 02:46:14 02:46:20
79 Brian O' Connor (No. 9340) Irl M 40 00:39:20 01:22:51 01:57:14 02:46:39 02:46:45
95 Brian M Bruton (No. 11686) Irl M 47 00:40:35 01:24:29 01:59:55 02:49:41 02:49:53
181 Peter Delmer (No. 9787) Irl M35 44 00:43:00 01:29:53 02:07:01 02:57:30 02:57:36
199 Robert Staunton (No. 10971) Irl M 85 00:43:01 01:29:51 02:07:01 02:58:10 02:58:13

Ray's Race Around Dublin City 2007 - #37

Missing ... One Starting Pistol!

I hadn't planned well for Dublin, due to a number of reasons, to
the extent that it was 7pm on Sunday evening before I was finally
able to make the decision to travel. The usual build-up to a
marathon would be to fret for several weeks over major issues
like hydration, nutrition and carb loading, tapering, gear prep,
registration and number pick-up, travel arrangements, pace
planning, injury comparison (usually with others but sometimes
alone), course map inspection, race provisions, energy drink/gel
strategy. It was 9pm before I overcame my first problem - I

Peter Delmer - Top DCM Predictor & Wins E60

At the last supper on Sunday night in the Italian on Parliament
Street, those congregated all tossed a fiver into the pot and
got to predict each others finishing times - all but their own
for complete fairness! - and here are the results.

Congratulations to Peter (Delmer) who held off Bridget-Ann
(Walsh) by a solitary minute, with only four minutes separating
the top four, being completed by Brian (O'Connor) and Tommy-Joe
Whyte. Pete picked up the E60 for his troubles.

All rules and regulations were made up by my good self on the fly

Mike O'Connor Strikes Dublin Gold

Photo Courtesy James Sexton

Galway City Harrier Mike O'Connor claimed the national marathon title in Dublin today with a fine display of tactical running. His 2:25:48 was enough to de-throne last year's National Champion Cian McLoughlin and bring the title back to Galway. Our heartiest of congratulations to Mike from all Athenry AC runners.

Photos, courtesy of Catherine Magnier:

Seventeen Athenry Runners Take On Dublin

Spot The Ray ...!

Wish Us Luck…!

Next Monday seventeen Athenry AC runners will take on the challenge of the Dublin City Marathon, a race that also doubles up as the National Marathon Championships of Ireland.

The seventeen brave souls in question are;

Alan Burke
Brian Bruton
Brian O'Connor
Frank Burke
James Lundon
Liam Mycroft
Michael Rooney
Mick Rice
Owen Curran
Peadar Nugent
Peter Delmer
Philip Magnier
Ray O'Connor
Robert Staunton
Briget Ann Walsh
Conor Dolan
Finbarr Connolly

Gosts in Mijn Hoofd - Ray O'Connor in Amsterdam #36

Gosts in Mijn Hoofd

Well it was a short while coming. On we go then to Amsterdam
once more. I am making a point at this stage to not look back at
previous reports on the same race as my experience differs so
much from year to year that a sneaky look might alter my
assessment of how the race went. But I do remember Amsterdam
last year fondly as a foray into the unknown. I was depending on
Google Earth to get me from my hotel to registration and back
again, but this year I knew the ropes. Flew out at 6 on Saturday
evening from Dublin, marathon in the morning and back in Dublin

Cross Country Girl

Well, there is a strong possibility that anyone visiting the Athenry AC Web site might think that the entire population of runners in the area is a greying, balding, self-obsessed ("...yeah, been carrying a dislocated shoulder for months..."), tunnel-visioned ("...only managed 105 miles last week, really disappointed...") bunch of old codgers -- who, me?-- but let's be clear, such is not the case.


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