Full Tuam 8KM Road Race Results

Full Results attached below

Gerry Ryan - Men's Winner Tuam 8k 2007
Gerry Ryan - Men's Winner Tuam 8k 2007

Adrian Healy Winning Junior Men's Prize
Adrian Healy Winning Junior Men's Prize

Athenry AC team at Tuam minus James Corbett
Athenry AC team at Tuam minus James Corbett

O'Toole's SuperValu Tuam 8KM Road Race (14 January 2007) headline results below.

Senior Men:

Gerry Ryan (GCH) 24:51
Paul McNamara (Athenry) 25:02
Jason Broderick (Loughrea) 26:46
John Byrne (Mayo) 26:55

Members Points Race 2006

So I managed it! I won!

Peter Presenting the Prize to Alan
Peter Presenting the Prize to Alan

I had built up a head of Steam in the Spring, and thanks to a GAA injury, Gary Doherty was foiled in his attempt to catch me.

2pts earned in Dangan
2pts earned in Dangan

It was great fun doing all those races, and I can heartily recommend it. Its a great way for all members in the club to compete on a truly equal basis.

There are races pretty much every weekend: And on some wekends there can be 4 on consequetive days for the adventurous or truly insane.

Twenty Questions For ... Martin Keane

Martin Keane and His Wife Mary

1. What running shoes do you train in?

New Balance.

2. How many miles did you run last week?

6.2 miles (Fields of Athenry 10k).

3. What’s your favourite racing distance?

10 miles/half marathon.

4. Where’s you favourite place to train?

Renville Park and Tobberoe Wood.

5. What’s your favourite race or event each year?

And so it has started … Mallow '10' 2007 (including results)

Bernie, Peter and Maura

Results Attached Below... courtesy of John Walsh, Ballycotton.

And so it has started … in Mallow today the first ten-miler of the Munster series kicked off the New Year for a couple of hundred runners. The race had a nice relaxed feel to it from when I first arrived in the town until I left. Only the wind and rain conspired against us but even that wasn’t too bad.

As I followed the bright yellow signs around the town towards Race HQ, my mind was bent on making sure I didn’t go out too fast today. Having run less in the month of December than I typically would in a week of training, I was well rested. Of course I blew all that by clocking up a nice few miles in a rush-to-the head of New Year resolutions this week. So the training was upside down – do nothing for the month beforehand and then train hard as a race-taper.

Official Results of the Fields of Athenry 10k Road Race

Please find attached the official results of the recent Fields of
Athenry 10k road race. They are stored as XLS, PDF, DOC and
plain TXT formats, which should cover all tastes.

Additional spot prizes were won by the following people:

Connemarathon 2007 Complimentary Entries:

* Aonghus McGuinness
* Jane Campbell
* Martin Keane
* Lisa Kelly.

Ian Egan Sports Point Massage Vouchers:

* Darragh O'Brien
* Ronan O'Flynn
* Thelma McMahon.

Seb Fitness Vouchers:

* Tom O'Dowd
* Orla Kearns
* Derek Murray.

Tranquillity Leisure & Spa three month complimentary memberships:

10KM Race Booklet available on-line

Find attached the Fields of Athenry 10KM race booklet in PDF
format. Note, it's nearly 2MB in size.

The organisers printed nearly 400 copies on race day but many
were left without one given the large numbers of competitors.

There is a very small number of print copies still available if
you are interested in your own copy.

Congratulations to John O'Connor of Proactive for working his
'Quark Express' magic again. The man performed miracles to
get the booklet produced in record time.

You’re Talkin’ and We’re Listenin’

Mayhem at the Start

Feedback from the Fields of Athenry 10k

When you’re on the inside it can be hard to get a feel for how something went. A die-hard football supporter will often support a game from the stands only to watch it again on the box that evening and see a totally different side to it. Caught up in the excitement of the moment our supporter may miss the overall picture and only when she sees it again from 10,000 feet that evening does she notice that there were two teams on the pitch.


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