Jane Ann Meehan receives sponsorship from ASICS UK

ASICS UK have acknowledged the great running achievements of Jane Ann through sponsorship of their running gear for 2016. They have supplied her with the latest runners, shirts, leggings, t shirts and tops.

Many athletes of Jane Ann's calibre work part time, therefore giving them more time to organise their training schedule, nutrition etc. Jane Ann works full time as well as running her own business and still finds the time to train 15 times a week (running and core work).

Maree AC 8km - 7th February 2016

Howling gale-force winds on the back of storms Dessie, Barney and Henry, driving Galway rain coming in from the west,
the east, the north, the south, the south-west and the north-east, not forgetting the sub-zero temperatures akin to the
Antarctic in mid-Winter. I just knew when I woke up on Sunday morning that this was going to be the best race EVER!
And so it transpired......

Trim AC Bewleys 10 mile Road Race - 7th February 2016

Trim AC Bewleys 10 mile Road Race took place today. The race was on the same course as last year which is on fast flat quiet roads (with some hills at 3, 6 and 8 segments) starting and finishing in Trim. Over 650 athletes lined up in harsh weather conditions. Temperatures were low but it was dry, very strong headwinds were reported from mile 4 which remained for the duration of the race. Two water stations along the route provide brief respite for the athletes.

Club Person of the Year for 2015 awarded to Valerie Glavin

Congrats to Valerie Glavin who was recently awarded Club Person of the Year for 2015. Amongst other things Valerie ran 24 marathons and also participated in a 24 hour race in London. She won the award hands down with a total accumulation of 130 points. We can't wait to see what she has planned for 2016! Congrats!

Report: Anne Lyng

Be Safe Be Seen

When taking part in club training all athletes must wear a Hi-Vis top or vest and have a Headlight. This is mandatory for anyone taking part in the Tuesday night's Speed, Wednesday night's Fit4Life or Thursday's Tempo sessions.

Saturday morning running groups should wear Hi-Vis tops.

You will not be permitted to take part in the session unless you are properly kitted out.

Additional arm or leg reflectors are desireable but not essential as long as you have a headlight.

Safe running in 2016!

Anne Lyng.

Dungarvan 10 mile - Jane Ann runs sub 60!

The John Treacy Dungarvan 10 mile road race now is its 25th year is organised by West Waterford Athletic Club. In excess of 2,500 athletes gathered at the start line on the Youghal Road to run 1 loop of the course. Weather conditions on the whole were reported to be pretty good. It was mostly dry although there was a strong headwind from 3 to 5 miles. The men’s record is currently held by Mick Clohessy (Raheny Shamrocks AC) 48.45 and Maria McCambridge (Letterkenny) holds the ladies record 55.58.

Coldwood 4 mile - Sunday 31st January

I don't even know what the latest one is called but running in storms has become increasingly frustrating over the last two months and, unfortunately, it shows no sign of letting up for a few weeks yet. The only positive I can muster up....well it gives us the opportunity to over use some favourite running quotations.

"Ah it's early season, I'm not running for times yet."

"Ya know it's actually a great way to race, toughens you up for the hard season ahead."

"It wasn't near as bad as what I trained it yesterday."


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