To the Waters and the Wild

Published in Club News on 22nd May 2006

Inagh Valley
Inagh Valley

Just before 9am. Connemara seems tame enough outside Keane’s Bar in Maum. Mick, Ray, Darragh and I decide not too hang around in the cold, windy morning. The light rain hurried us on our way over Maum Bridge. Within two minutes we had left the R336 and turned right along a sparesly populated road into the heart of the Maumturks.

Ray had sowed the seed for this idea two or three years ago on a spectacular run out-and-back from Oughterard along Lough Corrib. He had mentioned running The Western Way - a way-marked trail from Oughterard to Westport - an idea at which I baulked at the time. However, despite my initial reservations something sparked inside me. I bought the Ordnance Survey Guide to the Way about a year later and since then it has never strayed far from my bedside locker - taunting me. After spending a few months injured over the winter I have returned to running with a different attitude and it was simply ‘if not now, when?’.

Mick, always willing to support a running venture, agreed to join me. Ray jumped at the idea and was delighted, if not a little nervous, to go for it. A phone call from Darragh at the eleventh hour meant that Athenry AC had company from a Loughrea man.

We cruised easily along the ‘Maum Golden Mile’ and I wondered had I gone over the top filling a small ruck-sack with first-aid gear, a compass, a whistle, enough gels to support a marathon field and extra layers of clothing. The ‘Maum Golden Mile’ is a measured mile marked by a start and finish post along this small country road. Answers on a postcard if you know what that is all about!

We continued on tarmacadam for about four miles working predominantly uphill alongside a rocky crag called Aill na gCat - once frequented by, now extinct, wildcat. The sense of adventure heightened as we passed through a gate onto a rough and rocky track which headed deep into the Maumturks and some spectacular scenery. The Way traverses a mountain pass between Binn Mhor on our left and Binn Chaonaigh to the right. The strong wind pushed us up-hill and we hardly noticed the rain on our backs. The up-hill was challenging but my worst problem at this stage was cold hands. I’d have paid good money for a pair of gloves but there were no canny Connemara salesmen on the mountain.

Over the pass the wind began to roar and it was wild as we crested the top and looked towards Lough Inagh and Recess. This part of the Way is actually a pilgrim route and although I was expecting it, I was somewhat taken aback at the grandness of the statue of St Patrick, the Chapel and the stone crosses that appeared on our right hand side.

Although the scenery was fantastic, we really had to concentrate on our footing as we began the descent towards Inagh Valley. The track was rocky and wet. The wind buffeted us forward through small streams and run-offs, here boggy and here slippery. At this stage I glanced to the right to see a way-marker about 50 yards off our course. Concentration was important in order not to lose our way as we descended steadily.

At the bottom we turned right along the valley floor and ran for a few miles on a surfaced road between the magnificent Twelve Bens and the Maumturks. This was fun. The wind gusted and virtually threw us forward and the craic was good. We met a few walking parties heading the opposite way into the wind and laughed at their expense. A farmer with a mouth full of missing teeth said something about the soft weather and on we went.

I was nervous about what lay ahead.

The road was left behind as we jogged into the bog. What followed was two and a half miles of old coach road buried beneath a blanket of turf. Energy sapped from us as we worked hard to make forward progress. Mick was the first to disappear as he sank a leg thigh deep into a bog hole before pulling onwards with a loud sucking, squelching, muddy noise. They don’t usually do bog where Mick is from in Dublin’s Northside but he was coping well.

By now we were soaked. Wind and rain was the least of our worries as we ran through streams and marsh. We were beginning to resemble mud-wrestlers as the splashing brown water covered us. My turn came as without warning my forward motion was jarred to a halt by a left leg buried knee high in bog. I prayed that when my foot appeared from the mire it would still have a running shoe attached. Ray laughed as I pushed on like something from a B-rated horror movie.

It was with some relief that we reached the track through the woods at Log an Tairbh (the Bull’s log???). The scenery changed, the underfoot conditions improved drastically and we entered the fourth phase of our journey. Much of this section ran along the edge of the coniferous woods, not far from Kylemore Abbey, but it was welcome relief to enter the woods proper and get some protection from the severly gusting wind. A few hill climbs kept the concentration levels high and we topped up with carbohydrate gels and bars. Fatigue was beginning to become a factor after the boggy section and despite the slow, steady pace this was now hard work. Thoughts of hot soup began to fill my mind.

The Way turned to the left off the woodland track and up a steep muddy hill. We descended on the far side through four inch deep squalor towards a first sign of civilisation. Somebody emerged from their warm and sheltered bungalow to start up the 4-by-4. A bemused look at the four soaked and filthy individuals was all we were spared as he pulled out of his drive and disappeared into the distance. We were now alongside Killary fjord and were surprised to see two signs directing us left towards the road that runs alongside the water - the road well know to connemarathoners as they head towards the half-way mark at Leenaun. We were surprised as the map clearly indicated that we proceed forward along the side of Bucan hill at an elevation of about 75m above the fjord. The cold, the wind, the tiredness and the increasing rainfall helped us to make a quick decision. We decided to play it safe and follow the signs left to the road and the last mile into Leenaun.

Our fifth section began with the realisation that we were still a good three miles out from hot soup in Leenaun, however we were now on familiar ground and moved forward in unison towards warmth and sustenance. For some reason I had a strong desire for hot coffee laced with whiskey! Onwards.

Killary fjord is a 10 mile long drowned river valley running between the Mweelrea and Sheeffrey mountains to the north and the Maumturks to the south. It forms a natural playgound for the wind, which now tunnelled ferociously along the valley - right into our faces. The raindrops were now whipped into stinging bullets that hurt the eyes and face. The fun ended. At one stage I watched as the waves on the deep fjord were dragged upwards into the air. The spray rose about 6 feet above the surf and we trudged onwards.

By now Ray was suffering. He was not alone, however his particular difficulties were worse than ours. We tried to remain in a tight knit group along the roadside, but at times we slowed to a walk just to maintain forward motion. The walks were short however the running was not much faster. This was getting a bit serious. My hands had felt like cold clubs at the end of my arms for some time now, but at this stage, soaked from head to toe, my whole upper body began to lock up in the cold. My arms found a position and locked there, no longer swinging back and forth. My chest muscles seemed to contract tightly and squeeze. I can honestly say I never felt so cold before, and on we went.

Ray was formidable. Despite slowing up, he maintained a forward motion and never once complained. He even laughed as Mick mentioned that the sun was coming out, and urged us to move on without him. No chance of that.

I was surprised at how well Darragh was running. Despite my wondering, without many long runs under his belt he seemed to be well able for this.

Four wet rats enter Leenaun twenty miles from our starting point and attempted to get a key into the car door. We simply were unable to open the boot with shaking, numb and weak fingers, so just piled in to get out of the wind and rain. Within minutes we were in dry clothes, drinking soup and eating toasted sandwiches. Despite my best efforts the proprietor didn’t add a drop of whiskey to the coffee. We caused a bit of a stir in the café as bemused tourists watched us trying to lift soup to our lips with hands that shook violently in the aftershock of the cold.

Would I do it again? As soon as I can!


This run was dedicated to the memory of Frank Haines who tragically died during the Connemara half-marathon in March. A stone was laid at the foot of the tree planted in his honour at the top of the Hell-of-the-West.

Ben Noad and Killian Lonergan On Track for Galway

Published in Club News on 19th May 2006


UK international athlete Ben Noad of Highgate Harriers and Clonliffe Harriers star Killian Lonergan have confirmed that they will line up in the feature event over 5,000m during the evening of track athletics to be promoted by Athenry AC on Saturday 8th July next. This pair of high profile athletes can boast personal bests of 13:48 and 13:46 respectively over 5,000m. Ben Noad is no stranger to the west having won GCH’s Streets of Galway 8k in both 2001 and 2002. Athenry AC star Paul McNamara will also bring his growing reputation to the main event. Paul is the holder of two current senior national titles having won the National Short Course Cross Country title earlier in the year and the National 10k Championship on the roads in Carlow only a few weeks ago. The feature race over 5,000m is only one of a number of races that will take place on the evening and there should be something on the program of events to suit all tastes and standards.

Entries are welcome for all events and further details and a list of events can be found HERE.

Enquiries to [email protected]

Tuam 5k - A Great Success

Published in Other News on 17th May 2006

Tuam Town Center
Tuam Town Center

The second in the Galway 5k Series was held last night on a fast course that started and ended close to the new swimming pool complex adjacent to the town’s Catholic Cathedral. Although runners and walkers were not blessed with the same fantastic weather as in Athenry a week previously it was a good night to run with only a light cool breeze to hinder their progress. The course covered much of the same ground as Tuam AC’s popular 8Km race held each year on New Year’s Day and fast times could have been expected right through the field.

Race organisation was low key and efficient prior to the start and it was no doubt helpful that many people had taken the opportunity to register for the race series last week and so only had to turn up and run. As runners and walkers prepared for three miles around the town, the atmosphere was full of anticipation. Some familiar faces were back at the ‘races’ after short breaks. It was particularly good to see Martin McEvilly (GCH) and Kathryn Casserly (Castlegar) back on the roads amongst many other familiar faces.

Shortly after 7:30pm the seventy-six entrants on the night were called into a line and, with race director Brendan Monaghan amongst them, the event got underway. When the runners made their way back to the finish line Robert Malseed (Clonliffe Harriers) was at the head of affairs clear of Ruaidhri Geraghty (GCH) with Conor Moloney in third. Amongst the women Regina Casey (GCH) ran a speedy 18:23 with Anne-Marie Miskell (GCH) and Michelle Lynch (GCH) both also dipping under the twenty-minute mark. Unfortunately Kathryn Casserly had to withdraw from the race in the early stages with a recurrence of an injury. Hopefully Kathryn will be back in competitive action soon. Amongst the walkers Mary O’Brien was first home. Unfortunately there weren’t that many walkers in the field and many, many more would be welcome to take part in the remaining races of the series.

There were some fine performances down the field with James Lundon from Athenry AC posting a fine 19:08. James will surely take great encouragement from this run in his ongoing quest to dip under forty minutes for a 10k at some stage this year. James came into the race on relatively light training but is surely the fittest hurling referee in the county. Athenry AC had a fine turnout on the night with ten athletes sporting the maroon and white, prompting a comment at the starting line that the ‘Athenry Mafia’ was out in force. It was great to see so many runners in Athenry colours at a road race.

Another runner in sparkling form on the night was Craughwell’s Mike Tobin who improved yet again to run 17:16. Mike finished like a train and was little unlucky not to finish ever higher up the field, although Peter Delmer might argue with that. On the down side for Mike, surely his cover is now blown for the remaining race in Craughwell’s 10k Handicap series.

Congratulations once again to all in Tuam for an excellently organised event, which we can hopefully all look forward to running this race again in years to come.

Full results of the race are also posted on this page.

Results: County Galway 5km Series - Tuam [No.2]

Published in Results on 16th May 2006

***** XLS/HTML results attached as is the XLS list of Ever Presents after two races *****

Another fine turnout for the Tuam 5km race, 2nd in the County Galway May 5km series.

The weather just about held it together so we stayed dry for the distance.

Conrgatulations to Brendan Monagahan and the Crew at Tuam AC.

See you all in Craughwell next week.

Here are the results of the Tuam 5km race


Pos      Num     Time    Name

1          206        15.26  Robert Malseed

2          776        15.57  Ruaidhri Geraghty

3          228        16.19  Conor  Moloney

4          205        16.47  Brian O’Connor

5          715        17.14  Peter Delmer

6          764        17.16  Michael Tobin

7          1114      17.20  Mick Rice

8          1119      17.33  Ned O’Sullivan

9          703        17.41  Darragh O’Brien

10        209        18.02  Martin McEvilly

11        777        18.10  John Devlin

12        212        18.20  Eoin Murphy

13        202        18.23  Regina Casey

14        203        18.30  Alan Burke

15        707        18.31  Gary Doherty

16        210        18.47  Michael Rooney

17        724        18.50  Vincent Jordan

18        215        18.56  David Huane

19        778        18.59  Fergal Flynn

20        1102      19.03  Mark Flannery

21        214        19.07  Sean Lally

22        757        19.08  James Lundon

23        766        19.10  Brendan Monaghan

24        1128      19.13  Adrian Fitzmaurice

25        1111      19.26  Jim Maher

26        725        19.31  Martin Crehan

27        1121      19.34  Ann-Marie Miskell

28        741        19.41  Ken O’Connor

29        204        19.44  Michelle Lynch

30        211        19.50  Andrew O’Shaughnessy

31        221        19.54  Terry Grogan

32        225        20.02  Andrew Parkinson

33        1117      20.07  Patrick Murphy

34        1115      20.17  Josephine Gardiner

35        1110      20.40  James Corbett

36        775        20.44  John Connolly

37        207        20.57  Eugene Hoade

38        1116      21.05  Peter Dooley

39        1104      21.07  John Sheeran

40        1108      21.08  Patrick Moran

41        773        21.09  Cian Blake

42        758        21.16  Jim Daly

43        721        21.22  Joe Arkins

44        232        21.22  Deirdre Brophy

45        231        21.27  David Mullins

46        208        21.52  Niall Egan

47        229        21.58  Ann Fahy

48        220        22.09  Gerry Conway

49        227        22.15  Richard Monaghan

50        748        22.19  Dee McGrath

51        1113      22.20  Bernie Kelly

52        759        22.27  John Mac Sweeney

53        218        22.33  Seamus Walshe

54        219        22.34  Claire Mullen

55        213        22.42  Sharon Walshe

56        223        22.43  Miroslaw Kunkowski

57        1118      22.47  John Rafftery

58        705        22.52  Kevin O’Dea

59        224        22.54  Orla Kearns

60        217        22.57  Mary Lyng

61        1101      23.44  Tony O’Callaghan

62        222        23.47  Johan Diedericks

63        770        24.19  Orla Tierney

64        769        24.23  Niamh Tierney

65        771        25.24  Ann Marie Walsh

66        716        25.30  Dolores Foley

67        233        25.59  Siobhan O’Connor

68        712        26.21  Andrea Ridge

69        216        26.57  Shirley Hanley

70        1123      27.05  Maire Kelly

71        226        27.07  John Mongan

72        230        27.08  Katherine Walsh

73        1112      27.38  Liz Jennings

74        706        27.54  Padraig Farragher

75        713         W          Mary O’Brien

76        201        DNF


Result of Carramore 10k - 13th May 2006

Published in Results on 15th May 2006

John Byrne Mayo ASC Snr 508 31.45
Robert Malseed Cloonliffe Harriers Snr 502 32.31
Jason Broderick Loughrea Jnr 504 33.34
Martin Corcoran Loughrea Vet 507 33.53
Ronnie Naylor Mayo A.C. Vet 553 35.41
Hugh Duffy Mayo ASC Vet 530 36.00
Stephen Finnegan Sligo A.C. Vet 513 36.37
John Mannion Loughrea Vet 503 36.43
Vincent Flannery Sligo A.C. Vet 532 36.52
Joe Dawson Individual Snr 518 37.43
Shane McGuinn Individual Snr 550 38.10
Regina Casey Galway CH Snr 535 38.30
Gary Doherty Athenry Snr 539 38.33
Dominic Regan Mayo ASC Vet 542 38.49
Mark Burns Sligo A.C. Snr 516 39.04
Angela O'Connor Mayo AC Snr 521 39.06
Owen Mongan Individual Snr 540 39.34
Brian Cusack Mayo ASC Vet 525 39.40
Jimmy Feeney Mayo ASC Vet 519 39.54
Owen Mongan Mayo ASC Vet 527 40.31
David Huane Individual Snr 541 40.54
Ann Marie Miskell Galway CH Sen 506 41.04
Danny Greene Dunnmore AC Vet 514 41.08
Russell Arnold Individual Vet 509 41.30
Josephine Gardiner Mayo AC Vet 537 41.32
Sinead O'Donnell Tir Connell Snr 526 42.12
Rosanne Mitchell Sligo Snr 534 43.03
Joe Curran Individual Vet 551 43.12
P.J. Hall Mayo ASC Vet 544 43.12
Olivia Feeney Sligo Snr 522 43.27
Ann Murray Mayo AC Vet 510 43.32
Mary Gleeson Individual Snr 531 43.55
Dave Monaghan Individual Vet 523 44.02
Declan Davoren Individual Snr 512 45.00
Tom Nallen Mayo ASC Vet 517 45.01
Jim Daly Individual Snr 545 45.28
Aisling Cawley Sligo Snr 533 45.37
Ann Ronayne Mayo A.C Vet 543 45.39
Mary Naylor Mayo A. C Vet 554 46.08
Eugene Hoade Individual Snr 524 46.18
Gwen Daly Individual Snr 552 46.21
Bernie Kelly Galway CH Vet 515 46.22
Cathy Connolly Individual Snr 528 47.06
Kevin O'Dea Clareriver Harriers Snr 501 47.07
Sarah Flood Mayo AC Snr 511 49.01
Sharon Walsh Tuam Vet 547 49.06
Chris O'Donnell Mayo ASC Vet 546 51.38
P.J. Syron Individual Vet 505 51.57
Ray Staunton Westport Vet 520 52.27
Tara Gibbons Individual Snr 529 54.42
Eileen Molloy Corofin Vet 548 54.52
Mary Walsh Individual Vet 549 57.00
Brendan Medlar Individual Vet 538 62.00
Padraig Farragher C.R.H Vet 536 65.00

From Prague to Carramore – A Summer of Road Racing Gets Underway

Published in Other News on 15th May 2006

Prague Marathon
Prague Marathon

UPDATE: Carramore 10k Results Now Available HERE
UPDATE2: Craughwell Handicap 10k Results Now Available on the Craughwell AC Site at HERE

Now that we’ve had a few days of sunshine mixed in with the more usual rain and cold, perhaps we can say that the summer is upon us in the west of Ireland. The local road-racing scene has certainly sprung to life over the last week or so and there were Athenry AC athletes in action at races as far afield as Prague in the Czech Republic and also a little closer to home in Carramore Co. Mayo and Craughwell Co. Galway.

Our very own Liam Mycroft continued his recent vein of good form in the Prague Marathon yesterday after having been forced to withdraw from the Belfast Marathon only two weeks ago with an injury. Liam’s brief text message to me yesterday just about summed up his race. He wrote, “Managed to get around in 4:08. Great course, but a very hot day. Now to hit the beer.” Congratulations Liam on a fine performance and what sounds like a great event. Perhaps this is one we can think of for a future Club outing. We’re all looking forward to the race report, which will no doubt be published on Liam’s blog at,

Saturday evening saw the first of the Mayo Road Racing League promotions. Regina Casey won the women’s race in a time of 38:30 while John Byrne picked up the men’s race with a 31:45 effort. Jason Broderick was the first male junior home and ran a fine 33:34. Jason who has been training under the guidance of former Olympian Jerry Kiernan is improving hand over fist and is surely looking forward to yet more improvement over the summer months. Although I couldn’t make it to Mayo myself, my spies tell me that Gary Doherty ably represented Athenry AC on the evening.

The following morning a smaller group of hardy souls lined up in Craughwell for the third installment of the local clubs very popular 10k Handicap Series. Sunday’s race attracted runners from as far away as Cork and most of the local clubs were well represented. Great credit is due to a small number of dedicated runners who turned up in Craughwell in the cold and rain having also raced in Carramore the previous evening - take a bow Bernie Kelly and Josephine Gardiner. Athenry AC had Philip ‘Twinkle Toes’ Magnier and Mick ‘Wrong Way’ Rice on the starting line. I don’t have the results of the handicap to hand yet but the should be available shortly at

Tomorrow Tuesday sees the action switch to Tuam for the second in the inaugural County Galway 5Km Series. This series kicked off on Tuesday last in Athenry and will visit Craughwell and Dangan on the subsequent two Tuesdays. These races have been specifically provided for runners and walkers to have an opportunity to take part in an informal, friendly ‘race’ and absolutely everyone is welcome to take part.

See you in Tuam.

County Galway 5Km Series Athenry Results

Published in Results on 9th May 2006

Running Strong
Running Strong

These are the results of the first in the County Galway 5Km series run on Tuesday the 9th May in Athenry. Some photographs of the event should be available in the 'Photos' section of this site very soon.
UPDATE: Some Photos now available HERE
Tuam race now confirmed.
All runners meet @ 7pm at Tuam Cathedral car park.
Race will start @7.30 pm from outside the new Tuam swimming pool.
We will be running on the road on a left handed course which will be one lap of the Tuam New Year road race course.

Congratulations to all who took part in the race on what turned out to be a fine evening for a run down the country roads around Athenry.

A good time was had by all.

See you all in Tuam next week.

Pos Num Time Name

1 1129 16:18 Jason Broderick
2 776 16:22 Ruaidhrí Geraghty
3 1122 16:46 Conor Moloney
4 1130 17:02 Martin Corcoran
5 761 17:21 Ian Egan
6 715 17:31 Peter Delmer
7 708 17:48 Seamie Gilhooley
8 1114 17:52 Mick Rice
9 764 18:02 Michael Tobin
10 703 18:04 Darragh O'Brien
11 1119 18:11 Ned O'Sullivan
12 999 18:42 Donal Mahon
13 707 18:49 Gary Doherty
14 777 18:51 John Devlin
15 1106 19:08 John O'Connor
16 778 19:18 Fergal Flynn
17 741 19:24 Ken O'Connor
18 1107 19:37 Owen Curran
19 714 19:40 Anthony Malone
20 723 19:42 John Cunniffe
21 724 19:47 Vincent Jordan
22 717 19:48 Rory Brennan
23 702 19:49 Gerry Broderick
24 1121 19:49 Anne-Marie Miskell
25 757 19:53 James Lundon
26 1102 20:00 Mark Flannery
27 1103 20:02 Jane-Ann Healy
28 1111 20:06 Jim Maher
29 766 20:12 Brendan Monaghan
30 1115 20:13 Josephine Gardiner
31 772 20:29 Michelle Lynch
32 775 20:33 John Connolly
33 1128 20:36 Adrian Fitzmaurice
34 733 20:40 Edel Murphy
35 1120 20:44 Michael Morrissey
36 725 20:46 Martin Crehan
37 710 20:47 Tony Nevin
38 1117 21:02 Patrick Murphy
39 704 21:04 Sinead O'Donnell
40 734 21:06 James Shannon
41 1110 21:17 James Corbett
42 1109 21:26 Philip Magnier
43 762 21:28 Diarmuid Quill
44 773 21:28 Cian Blake
45 1104 21:33 John Sheehan
46 727 21:39 Dermot Kelly
47 1116 21:45 Peter Dooley
48 731 21:58 Dave Monaghan
49 753 22:08 Fiona Donovan
50 1108 22:08 Patrick Moran
51 1105 22:13 Michael Duane
52 721 22:33 Joe Arkins
53 758 22:38 Jim Daly
54 1113 22:50 Bernie Kelly
55 748 23:14 Dee McGrath
56 705 23:17 Kevin O'Dea
57 1118 23:45 John Rafftery
58 1126 23:53 Pearl McDonagh
59 759 24:01 John MacSweeny
60 735 24:02 Niall Grenhan
61 1127 24:17 Andrew McKelvey
62 1101 24:22 Tony O'Callaghan
63 736 24:39 Cathal Brennan
64 779 25:46 Ann-Marie Kelly
65 754 25:48 Philip O'Reilly
66 770 25:49 Orla Tierney
67 769 26:00 Niamh Tierney
68 771 26:00 Ann-Marie Walsh
69 712 27:41 Andrea Ridge
70 1124 27:53 Bridie Folliard
71 743 27:58 Treasa Gannon
72 1123 28:01 Maire Kelly
73 744 28:24 Evie Gannon
74 1112 29:18 Liz Jennings
75 768 30:04 Kenny Greaney
76 767 30:05 Olivia Greaney
77 706 30:32 Padraig Farragher
78 716 30:53 Dolores Foley
79 1125 30:53 Geraldine Fegan
80 732 39:18 Mary Monaghan
81 713 40:04 Mary O'Brien

Leaderboard for April

Published in Club News on 8th May 2006

The race is well and truly underway and my lead at the top is being whittled away despite a busy month on the roads.
Ray O Connor is off the mark, and given the amount of marathons he has planned, I could be in trouble.
Gary Doherty is making good ground, and he is usually good to pace a race. He should be a bit too quick for me in the Luxembourg half marathon later this year. The fast running Brian O Connor has taken to running races overseas [ and desipte having a hangover managed to finished 4th in a Manchester Fell race].
Despite winning his second National championship this year, Paul McNamara still languishes behing the pack [ To be honest, I just wrote that because its about the only way I'll be ahead of Paul in any race!]

Athenry AC members will be spreading their wings in May, and have aleady raced as far away as Mallow, Belfast and Inisboffin this month. But by next months leaderboard we'll see points declared from Ottawa, Prague, and Luxembourg, where Athenry will be fielding a full Team in the Half Marathon.

But closer to home, points are available in the County Galway May series, kicking off Tuedsay Evening , May 9th.

Best of Luck to all,