Joining Athenry AC

Existing Members:

If you are an existing Athenry AC member & wish to renew your membership, you can now do this online here. Membership for 2019 costs €40.

If you are a joining Fit 4 Life program: information is here. Fit 4 Life membership costs €40.

New Members:

If you are a new member wishing to join Athenry AC you can fill out the online membership form here. First years membership costs €50 and includes the Athenry AC maroon and white singlet.

Anyone who wishes to transfer to Athenry AC from another club will need to fill out the AAI transfer form here. Please note that transfers can only be done at the start of April and start of September of each year.

Athenry AC welcomes new members at any time.

There are many reasons why somebody would like to join Athenry AC!

First of all, let it be pointed out that Athenry is not dedicated solely to elite athletes - most of us are recreational runners.

Members come from many different backgrounds and all have an interest in running or keeping fit. 

We focus on participation and fun, not on breaking world records all the time!

Each member gets an Athletics Ireland registration number and can enter national championships.

Members can wear the coveted maroon and white singlet and other club gear.

We also have a Fitness 4 Life program.

The best thing is to attend any Tuesday 8pm /Thursday 7pmSaturday morning training session and see how much fun it is.

You can find contact details here.

All membership data collected by the club, and its subsequent use, is governed by the clubs data protection policy which can be found below.