New Sponsor For The Connemara Marathon

Published in Other News on 3rd November 2005

From the Galway Independent

New sponsor for Connemara Marathon 2006

This year’s Connemara International Marathon has a new title sponsor ”“ Fáilte Ireland.

Welcoming the new sponsor, Race Director Ray O’Connor said: “I would see this sponsorship as a natural fit with Fáilte Ireland’s strategy to attract more visitors to Ireland. This marathon is already attracting participants from the US, Australia and many of Fáilte Ireland’s key markets in Europe.”

This year’s marathon will be held on 26 March in the heart of Connemara. The website where further details can be found is:

Alan Burke's Dublin Marathon 2005 Report

Published in Reports on 2nd November 2005

It was raining. Heavily. It was cold and the wind was blowing.

Marathon day had arrived. I had the training done, logged the miles, bought the runners, wore a revealing running singlet. I was ready.

Its 8 am on a Bank holiday Monday morning and I'm standing outside Tescos on Baggot street questioning my sanity. This wasn't, despite Peter Delmer's protestations, 'ideal marathon weather'.

Now, I had done some training runs in abject conditions, weather you wouldn't put a dog out in, most notably in Connemara, always thinking, 'marathon day could be like this. you may as well be ready just in case'.

I really didn't think it would come to this. According to the marathon website. Dublin gets 30 cm of rainfall per year: we got a good percentage that morning.

I followed Mick Rice and Peter to the start, [Philip was holding out for better weather] and true to their word, they had me up at the front [where we belonged!]. It only took 17 secs from starting Gun going off to me crossing the starting line.

And I was off. I was determined not to rush the first mile. Its all adrenalin and its easy to go much quicker than planned. The shock of people taking a piss after only 500 metres wore off and I passed the mile 1 marker in 8 mins, as planned. Now if I could repeat that 25[.2] times more, I'd be grand.

But I was soaked to the skin and cold. I ran through a few puddles to add insult to injury. All I could think that I had 25 miles to run with soaking shoes. Not the ideal start.
But I kept on moving on. I picked up the pace a little, unconsciously. I must have been trying to keep warm [but I was on the Northside, not a place to amble through] and by the time we hit mile 5 in the park, I was a minute up on pace. This wasn't the end of the world. I was running well within myself.
Paul Kilkelly passed me at 10km, looking strong, and he pushed on mercilessly. A guy from Donegal heard me chatting to Paul abut Pace etc and indicated he was heading for the same planned pace, 3:30. So we ran together for the next 10 miles or so.
There were a few shouts of 'Go on Athenry!' along the way, but I didn't recognise the supporters [I was running fast , you see!].

I slowly ate into the extra minute I had picked up earlier on and hit half way dead on 1:44, dead on pace. To be honest miles 10 to 19 weren't much fun. It was still raining on and off. Just as I dried off, the rain would pour down again.

But things picked up again around mile 19. I had started overtaking people who had misjudged pace badly, and I was running well. I knew when we hit the dual carraigeway, it was the home stretch, about 6 miles to go. I met Andrew Talbot at UCD, who took a photo and offered encouragement.

Adrian and Cora were out to shout me on at around mile 22, and It was good to see familar saces at this point. I started feeling the pinch around mile 23. Were it any other run, I would have tried to push on and up the pace to the finish. But I had 22 miles in my legs, which were still cold and beginnning to cramp, and still 3 miles to go. My main aim was to finish in one piece without stopping, so I decided to just plough on at the same pace I had slightly slowed to. Depite this, I was passing loads of people and this cheered me up no end!

At mile 25 you get a glipme of the finish line, but it cruelly disappears from view pretty quickly. Vinny and Declan roared me on with a half mile to go and got a splash of the last of my water bottle for their trouble. John Cuniffe was as surprised as I was when I saw him.
For the first time I was enjoying the crowd and picked it up a little for the run up Merrion square and over the finish line in 3:33:17. Finisher!
A lot of hard work had paid off. Slightly outisde target, but I feel I can blame that on the conditions for the first 20 miles. I met Mick and Peter again. They both came in around the 3 hr mark and were in good form.
I spent a half hour waiting for a massage, my gear was soaked though and I had to walk to Smithfield. But I was still smiling.
I might well do this again.

PS Thanks to all who gave me advice, help, support, abuse from the sidelines and questioned my mental stability. It was all needed.
PPS When I got back home, there was a text on my phone from Derek offering me a raincoat. Message sent at 9:25, no doubt while pissing himself laughing. I'm planning a suitable revenge.

Liam's Dublin Marathon 2005 Race Report

Published in Reports on 2nd November 2005

Before we get to 9 am on a wet Dublin Monday Bank Holiday, I'll take you back to the start of the year and a decision taken to simply enjoy my running this year, not worry about times etc., and hopefully get fit enough to run another marathon. It has been 4 years since I last completed 26 miles, and although I have been at the last 3 Dublin races, I have not lined up at the start.
OK, Confession time. My training has been great this year. Great that is if I had been running a 10 Mile Race. I have checked my running log and as an experienced marathon runner, 18 completed before yesterday, my training diary is definitely not one to be copied. On July 28th I ran 6 miles, which was my longest run of the year, up to that point. On August 20th I raced over 10 miles. At no other point this year have I run further than 5 miles. Can you see a disaster brewing?

Notiwthstanding this total disregard for long runs, or even medium runs, I had been averaging 20 miles per week, so not a total disregard for training, just no long runs. To complete my training, the last two weeks saw NO runs at all. I raced over 5 miles at Loughrea two weeks ago, and then had a few days when I was tied up work wise, with plans to run last weekend. Last Saturday, nine days before the marathon, I woke up to find the tendons on my right foot making it extremely sore to walk. I was limping for three days, icing my foot, and seemed to have only a 10% chance of starting on Monday. However, the icing and rest worked, and on Saturday I collected my number from the expo, managed a massage on my foot from Paul McNamara from my club, and knew that I would at least start.

Knowing how little I had done in marathon training, and knowing that I am due to run the Philadelphia Marathon on Nov 20th, it was my intention to run much slower than any previous race I have ever taken part in, and having been chatting on here with Kelly from Boston who was coming over to take part in her first marathon, I had offered my services to pace her and help her get around. All in all, I was hoping that I could manage an 11 minute pace and ensure Kelly could get under 5 hours.

On the Sunday, it was back to the expo, meeting Kelly and her family, Norman and his running partner Marina, the lads from Athenry, and briefly Derek from the Cool Running Forums, and then in the evening the Italian Restaurant with most of the above, home to bed by 10:30 and a good sleep to prepare for the day.

Monday morning was wet and wild, well wet anyway, and the 9 o'clock start, with an 8 o'clock meet with Kelly, saw me soaked by the time the start came, and eventually we squished off, and my first ever pacing run outside of my normal zone was off.

Now given my lack of anything, my pacing was spot on, even if I do say so myself. The first two miles were 11:20 and 11:21, which was to be expected weaving around the walkers etc., and the puddles!. After that we settled into an easy rhythm, chatting away, clicking off mile after mile , 11:13, 11:04, 10:50, 11:11, 10:37, 10:46, 10:46, 10:58, reaching 10 miles at 1 hour 50 mins and 6 seconds. Pretty good attempt so far,

The rain stopped somewhere around here, although we were soaked to the skin, so it didn't make a lot of difference for now. Kelly was feeling great, and looking superb. She had written her name on her shirt, after we had told her of the way the crowd will call out support, and was really enjoying the "Go Kelly" shouts from the small (not suprisingly given the weather), but enthusiastic crowd.

Our next five miles were chipped away with 10:37, 11:25 (the one hill), 10:53, 10:43 10:38, so we were still running on course for that 11 minute average. However it was around here that I was feeling that lack of training, and with Kelly and I taking a toilet break it was time for me to reasses my own capabilities, knowing that Philly is around the corner. My quads were tightening, my calfs hardening, and I knew that I would be slowing down over teh next few miles. It was time to set Kelly off on here own to achieve her goal. She was reluctant to leave me, but I knew that I would slow and maybe miss her sub 5 target, so after a 13:20 mile 16 (the toilet break), we ironically ran our fastest mile at 17, our last together, we ran 10:29, and I knew that if Kelly kept going and didn't tie up she would make it easily.

Me, I took a walk. Planning to write this up as a good 17 mile training run, and run/walk home to complete the marathon. However, my work as a pacer wasn't quite over for the day. As I was walking that 18th mile, I met Dean. An Irish Lad from Larne, taking part in his first marathon, and distraught. His legs and feet were killing him. He had hit the wall, and was struggling both physically and mentally. We walked that whole mile and talked, He would have dropped out if there was anywhere to do so, but as we were in no-mans land, so to speak, at this point in the race, our talking kept him walking. We tried a little run, but he could only last a few minutes before grinding to a halt, so now I had a decision to make.

It was an easy one to make. I had no thoughts of a time. It had alwasy been my intention to simply use this as a training run, so given Dean's obvious discomfort, we walked home. 16 minutes per mile, walking along in the now sunny Dublin, chatting away, Dean understanding that you have to repsect the Marathon, no doubt getting bored by my relentless chatter, but bored or otherwise we passed each mile marker, and at the 26 mile marker Dean summoned up the courage to jog home, so we ran across the line together, and my training run had resulted in my 19th marathon finish, Deans first, our times around the 5:33 mark - Who cared, we had done our jobs for the day.

I caught up with Kelly and her family in the massage tent. She had completed her first Marathon in 4:51, a fantastic achievement, and hopefully she will recount her views of her run when she completes her vacation in Ireland and returns home next week.

From the finish I changed and headed for my first drink in 10 months, refreshing, and after Dee had joined me, we had met up with Selina and the Womens Running Network from England, Dee and I headed for dinner, then joined Noel McInerney, an Irish runner who I work with, who had completed his 100th Marathon here in Dublin, and his 25th Dublin Race to boot! Norman, Marina and Steve joined us there, and hopefully they enjoyed their trip to Dublin.

Me, I am sore today. My quads are really tight, but they will loosen in a day or two, and I will ensure that in future I will do my proper training, the longer runs etc. I have broken my 4 year break from marathons, enjoyed my weekend, knowing my limitations, and look forward to a pleasant trip to Philadelphia, and to 2006 with renewed enthusiasm.


31st St Mary's AC Road Race - Result and Report

Published in Other News on 2nd November 2005

Gerry Ryan and Veronica Colleran take title at St. Marys Road Race.
The Bernie Meaney Memorial and the 31st Annual St Marys 5. 5 mile road race held at Kilmurry Mc Mahon and organised by St. Marys A.C. attracted a small turnout of athletes with Gerry Ryan Galway City Harriers recording a very easy victory in (26mins . 36secs) over a very hilly course in windy and damp weather with Ian Egan Galway City Harries having to work hard to take second place ahead of Jason Broderick Loughrea who captured the Junior Mens Title and the Tommy Mc Carthy Cup going to Galway City Harriers ahead of Loughrea and Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare.

Veronica Colleran Ennis Track Club notched up another great win with a very time of (32mins . 53secs) the exact same time as last year with Sue Garrahy Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare second and Maura Falsey Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare third.

The race was run in windy and damp weather conditions and right from the start Gerry Ryan Galway City Harriers laid down and early marker when he opened up a twenty metre lead on the rest of the field with a group of six athletes working together as they made their way towards the mile marker Ian Egan Galway City Harriers was leading the way along with Jason Broderick, Loughrea, Pat Sherry Galway City Harriers, Brian Murphy, Eugene Moynihan, Marian, and Kevin Darcy Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare with a great contest between this group for the minor places.
Gerard Mullane Bilboa and Michael Harvey Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare were battling for honours in the masters O/50’s and with both men running shoulder to shoulder going towards the five crosses it was any one’s title and facing into a tough hill climb for the next mile the leader Gerry Ryan was in complete control up front and he came home with and very easy victory in (26mins . 36secs) and took the Bernie Meaney Memorial Shield to Galway with two more galway athletes filling the next two places Ian Egan in (28mins . 43secs) and third was Jason Broderick Loughrea and he was the first Junior athlete in (28mins . 47secs), next was Pat Sherry and the leading master O/40 in (28mins . 51secs) followed by Martin Corcoran the second O/40 and the first Clareman in sixth place was Brian Murphy Marian with Kevin Darcy Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare 8th.
Eugene Moynihan Marian finishing 7th overall and he took the masters O/45’s title and he will represent Ireland in theMasters International Five Nations in Santry Demense Dublin on Saturday along with Pat Nugent in the O/40’s and Frank Garrihy in the O/50’s, second in the O/45 was Tom Mackey Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare with Tom Fitzgerald West Limerick Third.

The big battle of the day was in the masters O/50’s with Gerard Mullane Bilboa sprinting clear over the final 100metres to take the title from Michael Harvey and Tom Madden Marian with Roger Rush Tuam taking the masters O/60.

The Junior mens title Jason Broderick Loughrea running a very big race and finishing third overall was a very impressive winner with Thomas Garrahy Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare second and his Clubmate David Mackey third.
The Team award and the Tommy Mc Carthy Cup went to Galway City Harriers on (29pts) with Loughrea second on (41pts) and third Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare on (50pts).

The first three St Marys Novice athletes for the James Hanrahan Memorial Shield the title going to Denis Meaney St Marys with Dermot Moran second and Shane Donnellan third.

The Ladies race was dominated from start to finish by Veronica Colleran Ennis Track Club for the second year in a row when she set a blistering pace and she went through the mile mark at (6:30pace) with Sue Garrahy Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare working hard to keep the leader in her sight as they made their towards the two mile mark with Bernie Kelly Galway City Harriers, Marion O’Loughlin Ennis Track Club, Joan Sheehy West Limerick, and Maura Falsey Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare all battling for major honours in the various Categories with Siobhan Garrahy Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare contesting the Junior Ladies award.

With two miles to go Veronica Colleran was moving well on the hills and working hard all the way to cross the finishing line in (32mins . 53secs) and that was being the same time as 2004 with a great last mile by Sue Garrahy to close the gap and finishing second with a time of (37mins . 04secs) with Marion O’Loughlin a very competitive athlete finishing strong in third place and taking the masters ladies O/35’s with Bernie Kelly Galway City Harriers fourth and the leading masters lady O/45 and her cousin Maura Falsey Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare fifth with Joan Sheehy West Limerick sixth and she took the ladies O/40 title, with the Junior ladies title going to Siobhan Garrahy Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare in (44mins . 53secs).

Senior Ladies
1. Veronica Colleran Ennis Track Club (32 : 53)
2. Sue Garrahy Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare (37 : 04)
3. Maura Falsey Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare (41 : 26)

Masters Ladies
1. Marian O’Loughlin Ennis Track Club (38 : 54)
2. Hillary Cunningham St. Marys (44 : 53)
1. Joan Sheehy West Limerick (42 : 49)
1. Bernie Kelly Galway City Harriers (40 : 52)
Junior Ladies.
1. Siobhan Garrahy Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare (44 : 53)

Senior Men
1. Gerry Ryan Galway City Harriers (26 : 36)
2. Ian Egan Galway City Harriers (28 : 43)
3. Brian Murphy Marian (29 : 09)
4. Kevin Darcy Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare (30 : 10)
5. Alan Whelan St. Johns (31 : 05)
6. Darragh O’Brien Loughrea (32 : 25)
7. Ger Quigley Tulla (34 : 00)
8. Danny Fahy Ind. (39 : 22)
1. Galway City Harriers (1. Gerry Ryan, 2. Ian Egan, 4. Pat Sherry, 22. Tom Porter) = 29pts.
2. Loughrea (3. Jason Broderick, 7. Martin Corcoran, 14. John Mannion, 17. Darragh O’Brien) = 41pts.
3. Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare (8. Kevin Darcy, 11. Michael Harvey, 13. Tom Mackey, 18. Thomas Garrahy) = 50pts.

Masters Men.
1. Pat Sherry Galway City Harriers (28 : 51)
2. Martin Corcoran Loughrea (29 : 35)
3. John Mannion Loughrea (31 : 38)
4. Paul Talty St Coco’s (32 : 06)
5. Sean O’Sullivan Fergus (40 : 09)
1. Eugene Moynihan Marian (29 : 03)
2. Tom Mackey Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare (31 : 32)
3. Tom Fitzgerald West Limerick (32 : 03)
4. Michael Quinlivan Kilmihil (34 : 17)
5. Denis Meaney St Marys (34 : 46)
6. Tom Porter Galway City Harriers (34 : 46)

1. Gerard Mullane Bilboa (31 : 02)
2. Michael Harvey Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare (31 : 08)
3. Tom Madden Marian (31 : 30)
4. Brendan Cusack Kilmurry Ibrickane/North clare (37 : 54)
5. Kevin O’Loughlin Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare (38 : 02)
6. Dermot Moran St. Marys (38 : 32)
1. Roger Rush Tuam (37 : 36)
Junior Men.
1. Jason Broderick Loughrea (28 : 47)
2. Thomas Garrahy Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare (33 : 36)
3. David Mackey Kilmurry Ibrickane/North Clare (39 : 48)
4. Shane Donnellan St. Marys (40 : 19)

Confined to St Marys A.C. (James Hanrahan Shield)
1. Denis Meaney St Marys (34 : 46)
2. Dermot Moran St Marys (38 : 32)
3. Shane Donnellan St Marys (40 : 19)

Fields of Athenry 10KM Results 2004

Published in Fields of Athenry 10km on 15th October 2005


Position Number Time Name Club Category
1 649 00:31:11 Paul McNamara Athenry AC M
2 605 00:31:24 Gary Thornton GCH M
3 625 00:32:25 Martin Conroy Sligo AC M
4 602 00:32:47 Michael O'Connor GCH M
5 648 00:32:52 Donnacha O'Mahony East Cork AC M
6 604 00:33:56 Ian Egan Unattached M
7 634 00:35:39 Michael Solon Tulla AC M40
8 311 00:35:39 Pat Sherry GCH M
9 652 00:35:44 Tom Meehan Sligo AC M45
10 309 00:35:56 Martin Corcoran Loughrea AC M40

Position Number Time Name Club Category
11 635 00:35:57 Matthew Solon Tulla AC MJ
12 206 00:36:00 Danny Carr GCH M40
13 636 00:36:06 Enda Stankard South London Harriers M
14 325 00:36:08 Martin McEvilly GCH M55
15 389 00:36:29 Tommy Joe Whyte Tuam AC M40
16 658 00:36:34 Billy King Serpentine RC London M
17 651 00:36:36 Lucy Brennan Sligo AC F
18 377 00:36:40 James Kenny Kilmurray Ibrickane M45
19 639 00:37:04 Raymond Glynn Hewlett Packard RC M
20 204 00:37:19 Philip Glynn Liffey Valley AC M
21 284 00:37:39 Gearoid Quinn GCH M40
22 233 00:37:44 John Forde Unattached M
23 287 00:38:07 Kevin D'arcy Kilmurray Ibrickane M
24 677 00:38:29 Ronan O'Flynn Unattached M
25 383 00:38:34 Damien Cox Unattached M
26 254 00:38:39 Kathryn Casserly Castlegar F
27 290 00:38:54 Fergal Naughton Unattached M
28 301 00:39:02 Vincent Jordan Hewlett Packard RC M
29 637 00:39:08 David Moloney Tulla AC M
30 382 00:39:11 Fionnuala Keane Loughrea AC F
31 234 00:39:25 Pat O'Dwyer GCH M
32 606 00:39:30 John Connolly GCH M
33 371 00:39:32 Jason Broderick Clare River Harriers MJ
34 665 00:39:35 Donal Mulkerrins Unattached M
35 618 00:39:50 Donal O'Rourke Tuam AC M
36 638 00:39:52 Martin O'Donnell Clare River Harriers M50
37 305 00:39:56 Conor Moloney Sligo AC M
38 321 00:39:59 Darragh O'Brien Unattached M
39 280 00:40:00 Colman Greene CRH M40
40 260 00:40:10 Andrew Talbot Clare River Harriers M50
41 693 00:40:17 Raymond Joyce Unattached M
42 215 00:40:25 Thomas Porter GCH M45
43 641 00:40:46 Wally Walsh Hewlett Packard RC M
44 246 00:40:51 Brian Geraghty GCH M60
45 617 00:41:00 John Cleary Unattached M
46 303 00:41:12 Mark Davis Unattached M
47 668 00:41:12 Josephine Gardiner Mayo AC F35
48 659 00:41:13 Tom O'Dowd Unattached M
49 621 00:41:20 Conor O'Rourke Tuam AC MJ
50 266 00:41:33 Hubie Conway Unattached M
51 331 00:41:34 Pat Foster Loughrea AC M
52 240 00:42:06 Prionnsias Glynn Unattached M
53 264 00:42:09 Jackie Forde GCH F35
54 372 00:42:55 Sean Kelly Clare River Harriers MJ
55 291 00:42:49 Brendan Cusack Kilmurray Ibrickane M50
56 397 00:43:04 Damien Larkin Portumna M
57 227 00:43:09 Albert O'Flaherty Unattached M
58 263 00:43:27 Sean Brennan Unattached M
59 696 00:43:32 Donal Devaney Unattached M
60 619 00:43:33 C Browne Unattached M
61 306 00:43:36 Tom Elwood Unattached M
62 294 00:43:54 Ingo Zehner Bruhler TV 1879 M45
63 697 00:43:57 Barry Smith Unattached M
64 ? 00:43:57 #N/A #N/A #N/A
65 633 00:44:04 Philip O'Toole Unattached M
66 689 00:44:07 Claire Morrissey Unattached F
67 213 00:44:09 Owen Diviney Hewlett Packard RC M
68 370 00:44:38 Jarlath Fitzgerald Loughrea AC M
69 388 00:44:47 Gerry Griffin Unattached M45
70 314 00:44:48 John Fitzmaurice Unattached M
71 691 00:45:09 Brian Flannery Unattached M
72 640 00:45:19 Mary McHugh GCH F40
73 674 00:45:22 Esther O'Flaherty Unattached F
74 302 00:45:32 Michael Tobin Craughwell M
75 679 00:45:33 Gary Begley Unattached M
76 603 00:45:38 Patrick Flaherty Tuam AC M
77 ? 00:45:39 #N/A #N/A #N/A
78 384 00:45:40 Heather Boyle Unattached F
79 678 00:45:47 Michael McMahon Galway Triathlon Club M
80 247 00:45:55 Fionnhuala Geraghty GCH F
81 318 00:45:58 Seán Whelan Unattached M
82 249 00:46:11 Eoin Ward Unattached M
83 222 00:46:12 Tom Hussey Unattached M
84 390 00:46:15 Roger Rushe Tuam AC M65
85 297 00:46:17 Fergal Murray Unattached M
86 400 00:46:18 P McManus Unattached M45
87 220 00:46:21 Fiachra O'Ceallaigh Unattached M40
88 221 00:46:21 Nichola O'Ceallaigh GCH FJ
89 255 00:46:23 Niamh Keane Unattached F35
90 256 00:46:23 Michael Hodgson Australia M40
91 660 00:46:34 Michelle O'Dowd Spiddal F
92 293 00:46:34 Kevin O'Loughlin Kilmurray Ibrickane M50
93 611 00:46:40 Aideen de Paor Unattached F
94 664 00:46:50 Mark Flannery Unattached M
95 661 00:46:57 Rory Brennan Unattached M
96 224 00:47:00 Francis Flaherty Unattached M
97 695 00:47:07 Derval Devaney Galway Triathlon Club F
98 380 00:47:09 Ken O'Connor Unattached M
99 312 00:47:12 Eddie Corban Unattached M
100 692 00:47:14 Cormac McCarthy Unattached M
101 385 00:47:18 Ronan Reilly Unattached M
102 628 00:47:28 Mark Mitchell Athenry AC M
103 ? 00:47:31 #N/A #N/A #N/A
104 667 00:47:35 Gabriel Gardiner Ardrahan AC M40
105 613 00:47:36 Stephen Parkinson Unattached M
106 381 00:47:51 Frank Fox Unattached M40
107 203 00:47:55 Alan Burke Unattached M
108 313 00:48:02 Owen Comer Unattached M
109 376 00:48:07 John O'Keeffe Unattached M
110 690 00:48:16 Cornelius Quilligan Unattached M
111 271 00:48:41 Paul Flannery Unattached M
112 282 00:48:42 Conor Griffin Unattached M
113 373 00:48:49 Gerry Broderick Unattached M45
114 681 00:48:49 Maura Falsey Kilmurray Ibrickane F45
115 624 00:48:50 Peter O'Halloran Unattached M45
116 267 00:48:58 Carol Dempsey Unattached F
117 612 00:48:59 Andrew Parkinson Galway Triathlon Club M
118 663 00:49:02 Finbarr Connolly Unattached M40
119 670 00:49:04 Finbar Flaherty Unattached M
120 ? 00:49:07 #N/A #N/A #N/A
121 ? 00:49:07 #N/A #N/A #N/A
122 616 00:49:20 Martin Kenirons Unattached M
123 322 00:49:23 Michael Donnellan Unattached M45
124 288 00:49:34 John Raftery Unattached M45
125 610 00:49:35 Tony O'Callaghan Unattached M50
126 683 00:49:54 Jane Keenan Unattached F
127 684 00:49:54 Francis Keenan Unattached M
128 666 00:49:55 Gabriel Collins Unattached M
129 269 00:49:56 Dennis Fallon Unattached M50
130 ? 00:49:58 #N/A #N/A #N/A
131 ? 00:50:00 #N/A #N/A #N/A
132 316 00:50:02 John Meares Unattached M
133 310 00:50:05 Maurice Hannon Unattached M40
134 682 00:50:09 John O'Connell Unattached M40
135 620 00:50:10 Tom MacLochlainn Unattached M50
136 304 00:50:17 Paul Murtagh Unattached M
137 395 00:50:39 Colm MacAoin Unattached M
138 671 00:51:25 Kevin O'Dea Clare River Harriers M
139 317 00:51:31 Kieran Canny Unattached M
140 609 00:51:34 Clodagh Fahy Ranleagh Harriers M
141 644 00:51:35 Paraic O'Dea Unattached M
142 662 00:51:44 Aoife Gleeson Unattached F
143 694 00:51:51 Carol Barrett Galway M&T F35
144 643 00:51:52 Máire Tarpey Unattached F
145 669 00:52:02 Jackie Prendergast Unattached F35
146 676 00:52:05 Catherine Bourke Unattached F35
147 680 00:52:05 Bernie Kelly GCH F45
148 391 00:52:15 Patrick Kelly Unattached M
149 623 00:52:29 Bernie Ryan Hewlett Packard RC M
150 369 00:52:44 Ger McManamon Unattached M
151 229 00:52:44 Mark Rooney Unattached M
152 626 00:53:01 Tony Walsh Unattached M
153 235 00:53:11 David Monks Kilmurray Ibrickane M
154 394 00:53:34 Patricia MacEoin Unattached F
155 296 00:53:39 Noel Murray Unattached M
156 614 00:53:45 John Kenirons Unattached M
157 238 00:54:48 Martin Keane Unattached M
158 335 00:53:50 Liam Mulloy Unattached M
159 334 00:53:50 Conor Mulloy Unattached M
160 646 00:54:29 Gerry Hurley Unattached M
161 647 00:54:29 Paul Kilkenny Unattached M
162 608 00:54:32 Derek Bieniek Unattached M
163 216 00:54:34 Maeve Moran Unattached F
164 368 00:54:48 Philip O'Reilly Hewlett Packard RC M
165 650 00:55:04 Allen Moran Unattached M
166 378 00:55:18 Niamh Tierney Hewlett Packard RC F
167 208 00:55:18 Trina Mulryan Hewlett Packard RC F
168 336 00:55:59 Francis Power Corrib Rangers M
169 686 00:56:02 SP Williams Sprintf M40
170 396 00:57:04 Christopher Starr Portumna MJ
171 685 00:57:04 Caria Gleeson Unattached F35
172 399 00:57:06 Kat McNamara Unattached M
173 298 00:57:21 Aidán Flaherty Unattached M
174 279 00:57:39 David Prendergast Unattached M
175 278 00:57:39 Sharon Prendergast Unattached F
176 277 00:59:02 Olive Coleman Unattached F
177 232 00:59:03 Mary Prendergast Unattached F
178 374 00:59:24 Andrea Ridge Unattached F50
179 627 00:59:41 Fidelma Walsh Unattached F
180 323 01:01:25 Catherine Murphy Unattached F35
181 615 01:01:45 Sarah O'Gorman Unattached F
182 675 01:01:58 Helen Byrnes Unattached F35
183 687 01:01:59 Michelle Gardner Unattached F
184 688 01:02:36 Sharon Gardner Unattached F
185 283 01:03:08 Martin McDonagh Unattached M50
186 344 01:04:37 Paul Finan Corrib Rangers M
187 345 01:04:38 Darren Sherry Corrib Rangers M
188 308 01:04:41 Gerard Murphy Clare River Harriers M
189 259 01:04:44 Aileen Rabbitte Unattached F
190 393 01:04:45 Mairéad MacEoin Unattached F
191 629 01:05:29 Valerie Mitchell Unattached F50
192 392 01:05:47 Lisa Kelly Unattached F
193 270 01:06:21 Fergus Gleeson Unattached M55
194 333 01:06:27 Mary Mullins Galway M&T F40
195 225 01:08:25 Michael Grealy Unattached M
196 672 01:08:58 Lucy Byrnes Unattached F35
197 300 01:11:44 Anne Cahill Unattached F
198 299 01:11:45 Eileen Sherlock Unattached F35
199 248 01:11:46 Ashla Ward Unattached F
200 319 01:12:39 Fiona O'Brien Unattached F
201 630 01:12:42 George Mitchell Unattached M55
202 631 01:12:54 Lisa Mitchell Unattached F
203 276 01:13:19 Maria Lane Unattached F
204 230 01:13:20 Catherine McCarthy Unattached F
205 337 01:14:04 Dean Power Corrib Rangers M
206 654 01:14:07 Oisin McLoughlin Unattached MJ
207 655 01:14:19 Caroline McLoughlin Unattached F
208 245 01:15:00 Mairead Feeney Knockbrack Harriers F
209 273 01:15:02 Caitriona Cannon Unattached F
210 645 01:15:56 Majella O'Dea Unattached F
211 642 01:15:57 Deardriu O'Dea Unattached F
212 285 01:17:12 Treasa Keane Unattached F
213 239 01:17:36 Tom Greene Ardrahan AC M
214 622 01:17:37 Angela McGough Unattached F
215 632 01:18:39 Carmel McGroarty-Mitchell Athenry AC F35
216 375 01:19:43 Kathleen Hagan Unattached F
217 272 01:22:20 Claire Dempsey Unattached F
218 231 01:22:21 Anne Flannery Unattached F
219 261 01:22:22 Edel Talbot Unattached F45
220 329 01:27:03 Frances Carr Unattached F
221 324 01:27:04 Teresa Coen-Hayes Unattached F
222 326 01:27:42 Noreen Doherty Unattached F40
223 251 01:27:50 Julie Carr Unattached F45
224 250 01:28:00 Tom Carr Unattached M45
225 244 01:28:23 Eileen Hynes Unattached F45
226 243 01:28:44 Bernie Doherty Unattached F40
227 218 01:29:07 Mary O'Ceallaigh Unattached F40
228 367 01:30:00 Marion Killeen Unattached F50
229 253 01:30:00 Joseph Killeen Unattached M50
230 252 01:31:29 John MacNamara Unattached M
231 237 01:34:27 Aishling Keane Unattached F
232 236 01:34:38 Siobhan Keane Unattached F
233 386 01:36:15 Mary Carey Unattached F
234 387 01:36:15 Patsy McNevin Unattached F
235 342 01:36:29 Mary O'Halloran Corrib Rangers F50
236 341 01:36:29 Delina Corbett Corrib Rangers F55
237 343 01:36:29 Ann Lenihan Corrib Rangers F55
238 327 01:38:06 Clare Carr Unattached F
239 379 01:38:07 John Scully Unattached M
240 348 01:44:07 Nicola Rabbitte Unattached F
241 349 01:44:08 Geraldine Rabbitte Unattached F
242 352 01:49:00 Neasa Glynn Unattached F
243 350 01:49:00 Eileen Trill Corrib Rangers F
244 347 01:49:27 Patsy Trill Corrib Rangers M
245 351 01:49:41 Nigel Trill Corrib Rangers M
246 353 01:51:45 Conrad Trill Corrib Rangers M
247 355 01:51:45 Keith Trill Corrib Rangers M
248 354 01:51:45 Lisa O'Loughlin Corrib Rangers F
249 657 01:56:11 Adrienne Carpentier Unattached FJ
250 656 01:56:12 Francioise Carpentier Unattached M45
251 700 02:00:01 Rose Hillary Unattached F
252 699 02:00:01 Brid Hillary Unattached F
253 698 02:00:01 Attracta Hillary Unattached F
254 607 SPECIAL Willie Morris GCH M85
255 338 FINISH? Kevin Fitzpatrick Corrib Rangers M
256 340 FINISH? Ger Bane Corrib Rangers M