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Club relay race

The Teams are made up of 3 runners of varying ability normally 1 fast runner, 1 middle of the road and 1 new runner or fit for life person. The idea is for all teams to be equal .

There are 2 main reason for this race.

1 Is to help people get to know other members they wouldn`t normally run with.

2 To give people who normally don`t win the chance to be winners

The race is open to all paid up members of Athenry Ac and we are specially looking for people new to running and fit for life people as this race is designed with them in mind so no matter what your 5k time is we have a team for you!!

The course is 4k, 2 lap of the link road in Athenry.

The rules:

To enter send your best and most current 5k times to the race director. He or she will endevor to make up teams of equal ability and handicaps may be applied. On the evening of the race each team will decide the running order of their team all team members must run 4k and high 5 their team mate in the control area. Any team hand over outside the area will be disqualified. The team who gets all their team members home first are the winners. You cannot enter you own team and you cannot change teams.

This event is social event and going on past years is good fun it`s not about the fastest runner it`s about having fun running.

We usually have some pizza and other goodies after weather permitting.

Please email your best 5k time of 2018 to Colin Duane as soon as possible so that he can put the teams together.

[email protected]