An army of 38 Athenry AC athletes have been conscripted to join the ranks in the Connemarathon next Sunday. Athenry AC has been affiliated with this fantastic event since it’s inception but never before have we sent forth such an impressive rush of adrenaline.

Thirty three will line up in Leenan for one of the best half-marathon’s in the country starting with a rush up the Devil’s Mother and finishing with an attack on the Hell of the West.

Three brave heroes are set to attack from the full-marathon flank and will march on meagre rations of carbo gels starting from Lough Inagh.

Two more had planned to totally surprise the enemy by starting at the finish and running full circle for 39.3 miles (!!!); however latest intelligence has it that one of these two dim-wits has already shot himself in the foot and injury looks like it will consign him to the altogether wiser strategy of the Leenan start.

Best of luck to the full Motley Crew!

Full Brian Bruton

Full Paul Keane

Full Liam Mycroft

Half Mary Beatty

Half Mark Breen

Half Frank Burke

Half Niall Callanan

Half Ann Carter

Half Maurice Clarke

Half Derek Conerney

Half Tom Conlon

Half Finbarr Connolly

Half James Corbett

Half Owen Curran

Half Aoife Doherty

Half Michael Duane

Half Edward Egan

Half Paul Flannery

Half Debbie Flynn

Half Treasa Gannon

Half Emer Glynn

Half Maria Hehir

Half Breege Magrath

Half Niall Maguire

Half Grainne Maloney

Half Mark McDonagh

Half Aileen McNamara

Half Brid Moran

Half Pauline Murray

Half Maeve Noone

Half John O' Connor

Half Bob Reilly

Half Michael Rooney

Half Iain Shaw

Half Robert Staunton

Half Elaine Walsh

Ultra Peter Delmer

Ultra Mick Rice

Iain Shaw

16 years 2 months ago

Due to an unfortunate friendly fire incident it looks as if Corporal Shaw will miss the main melee and will instead be consigned to handing out ration packs to those weary combatants who make it back to Camp Maam.

Good luck to all the Athenry troops, see you in the trenches soon.