Two Wonderful Collections of Photographs

Published in Club News on 7th May 2008

Many of you will be familiar with the work of photographer John O'Connor who has documented so may of our adventures over the last number of years. John is a talented cameraman with an eye for the perfect picture. His photographs preserve the action from our races in such a wonderful way and allows us to look back at all the good times we've had running all around the county and further afield. As a former elite runner himself John can recognise all of the hard work put in by all of those who take part in our races and in return we very much appreciate and admire his photographic talent.

The next time you pass John at a road race, with his cameras draped around his neck and a seemingly permanant smile on his face, take time to say hello and to say thanks for all his hard work and dedication to preserving our memories on 'film'.

Thanks John.

The latest fruits of John's work are two galleries containing pictures of the recent National 10k Road Race in Athenry and the first of the Galway 5km series in Athenry the following week and they can be found at the links below.