Training is the key...

Published in Club News on 10th November 2009

If you want to run like this, you have to train!

Training sessions continue, in the wake of the Dublin Marathon, at our regular slots. All are welcome.

Saturday mornings at 9am, and at 10am Fit4Life, both commencing at the Athenry Church car park.

Wednesday evenings at 8pm, also commencing at the church car park.

Tuesday evening track sessions at Dangan will be continued soon, watch for an annoucement.

GCH also have group runs on Monday at 7pm, meeting at the Renmore Church car park. And Bernie Kelly has just begun another group run on Fridays at 5:30pm, meeting at the Claddagh club house.

See our happy campers as they produce lean running machines, and have fun in the process: