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Club results attached in XLS. Elvis hasn't left the building quite yet.

A great turnout by the club with 74 Athenry AC members finishing. Luckily the rain stopped right before the gun, and there were lots of fast times again this week.

Valerie and I paced a group of 27-28min finishers, led ably by Marie Curran who ran like a Trojan and was force fed information on nutrition for 100 mile running (if she could have run a little faster she might have run away).

Alan Burke was heard to say, 'Is there someone being murdered/on fire?' as our group broke for the finish line. Well done, ladies!


P.S. Welcome back to Maire Treasa who completed her first proper race in exactly two years last night, breaking down in this very event in 2009! She even got a hug from Elvis at the finish. Hard luck to all the people beaten by an almost (but not quite) dead Elvis last night likewise.

Marie (Curran)…

13 years ago

Thanks Val and Dee for the pacing, it was certainly a different race and a mine field of information!!

Maria Hehir

13 years ago

Great to see you back...