Based on feedback from members, we are moving the club speed work session from its current location in Dangan (7:30pm on Tuesday) to Athenry.

The new session will take place weekly on Tuesdays at 7pm, in or near Athenry, planned and led by our running gurus, Jane Ann Meehan and Mick Rice.

The speed sessions will (just like the track sessions) be designed to bring runners to peak fitness for two goals: the Streets of Galway in early August, and the Dublin City Marathon in October.

“In or near Athenry?”, I hear you cry? Yes, the new speed work sessions will take a slightly different approach from the traditional track sessions. They’ll be designed to keep you and your muscles guessing! Part of the issue with track work is that people tend to do very similar sessions every week and your muscles get used to that.

We’ll be doing track-type intervals, fartlek sessions, hill repeats – and other fun stuff – but you will have to come along to find out.

Each session will fall naturally into groups based on speed (so all runners will use the MacMillan pace chart to determine what appropriate speed they should use for each session).

To use the calculator, simply choose a recent race distance, making sure to choose a distance for a performance which accurately reflects your current fitness level.

Calculate your times, print out the sheet and bring along for reference.

No matter what your personal best is, speed work benefits anyone keen to improve their race times as long as you’re willing to put in the work (speed work is not just for the speedy!) so please come along whether you’re aiming for the Olympics or to finish your first Streets of Galway this year. There will be pace groups suitable for all.

The first session will be held on Tuesday June 14th at 7pm. Meeting point for the first session is at the soccer pitch in Athenry.