20.51 A Standard for Paul Hession

Published in Club News on 7th August 2011


Sprinter Paul Hession has qualified for the Olympic Games after achieving the A qualification time at the Senior Track and Field Championships in Dublin.

The Irish 200m record holder won today's event at the Morton Stadium, Santry in a time of 20.51.

He was pushed all the way by Under-23 European finalist Steven Colvert who was second in 20.84.

European Under-23 400m silver medallist Brian Gregan was third in a personal best time of 21.09.

Hession said afterwards: "To get the Olympic qualifier just before the World Championships sets me up really well. It is a late season this year. I had planned to run fast later and, thank God, it is working.

"It is the first time there has been a proper race in a while. It is brilliant and you know what, it is brilliant to have Stephen there.

"He is the future but he is going to make me better as well. I can't come here complacent. He is going to be there and it is great," added the 28-year-old Athenry man.

"I was quite confident of being sent to the Worlds with a B (qualification time). But the Olympics, I've been really unlucky this month with conditions, like rain, and different things have stopped me running fast.

"Today in Dublin the conditions were great. I never expected it to be good so at least I took advantage of it. That's the second fastest time I've run in Dublin so it is good.

"It is very rewarding. The older you get, the tougher it is to justify the sacrifices. Hopefully today is an indication they are justified."




Fantastic image of Paul after the 200M title win yesterday.

P.S. Congrats on winning the athlete of the championships award and the E500 cheque that goes with it.