We are all talented people in Athenry AC; it's just that some of us have skill sets in different areas other than speed in miles per hour. To honour some of the shenanigans in the club this year (other than the obviously enviable skill of being able to run very fast in a straight line), there were some fun awards presented at the club Christmas party on Saturday night...

1. The 'It Takes me a While to Warm Up' award to Frank Burke for his 3:23 marathon at Ironman UK (post 180km bike ride and 3.8km swim).

2. The 'I'm starting to feel dizzy running around in circles' award for Valerie (217km Irish record around a 400m track!)

3. The ‘Wheaties for Breakfast’ award to Marie Curran for best race report – Athlone ¾ marathon.

4. The “I’m not really dead Aisling”/ “Giving it all for your sport” award – Seb Locteau for record attempt swim and near death by chlorine poisoning.

5. The “Meterological Magnet of Doom” award for Alan Burke – race director FoA – third time lucky for it being held on 26th December this year!

6. The ‘Iron Stomach’ award for Deirdre Quinn - 12 gels and 3 caffeine tablets at Dublin City Marathon this year.

7. The “Miss Whiplash” award for causing severe pain – Jane Ann Healy (for her circuit training session). Iain doesn't know whether to sue her or hire her as personal trainer.

8. The ‘Domestic Goddess’ award for best multitasker (book writing, ultrarunning, 3 hour marathon pacing and Athenry AC marathon coach – Mick Rice

9. The ‘Queen of Vegas’ award for Miriam Wall – qualifying for IM70.3 World Champs. 2012

If you spot your name here and failed to collect your booty on the night, Maeve Noone has the remaining selection of prizes in storage.