Free Nuitrition Talk at Raheen Woods on Thursday 23rd May, 8pm

Published in Club News on 17th May 2013

  Here is her description:   I am delighted be have been asked to give a presentation to the club - So happy in fact I want to give two over the next few months. The first is Thursday May 23rd at 8pm in The Raheen Woods Hotel. As you would suspect - the nutrition needed for training is often different to what we need on race day and so i have split the sessions in that way and called it 'Running & Racing'   "Running focuses on how to use nutrition to help a runner achieve their training goals throughout the year. We all run for different reasons for fitness, health, a chat, to compete - our nutritional intake should reflect our reasons on for running and help us reach our running goals This presentation looks at how nutrition can help runners improve fitness, lose weight, build endurance and avoid common illness experienced by runners.  The presentation will also cover some popular concepts in performance nutrition such as nutrient timing and periodization and give practical examples of how all runners can use these in their every day lives and get the benefits. Also do you want to know how your club mates eat? I will show a nutritional analysis of some members diets and see how they rate…. (volunteers please!) The second session 'Racing'  will happen in a few weeks and will focus more on how to use nutrition to give you the competitive edge, help you discover your racing weight and advise you on how to overcome those race day nasties such as toilet visits and getting bonked.

The format will be fairly easy going, and hopefully interactive and i look forward to seeing you there.

As a club member for years the topic of nutrition has often come up on some of our long runs and i have learned alot from many of you on how you manage your nutritional requirements (not always in a good way)! So its great to have the opportunity to present to you!

  Coming late to running i joined Athenry AC and completed my first 10km ever in the 'Fields' race eight years ago and using the roads of Athenry as my training ground I have since dabbled in 5km to endurance running, triathlon, and recently hard core zumba:) I hope given my experience to make the presentations suitable to all members.   Working in high performance sport is very rewarding but suprisingly many of the nutritional issues encountered by professional athletes are the same as what us normal guys complain of - low immunity, problems with weight loss, not knowing what nutrition info to believe… However the rewards at a higher level are great as i discovered this year working with the Grand Slam winning Womens Rugby team.