Recently Athenry AC athletes were asked to declare their three athletic goals for 2015.  Some of the replies were sensible, some funny, some are going to be tough asks, some people can't count.  Most important though - these are your goals and by putting them there for scrutiny by all you will be honour bound to stick to them and answer to your peers at the next AGM (OK, I may have made that bit up).  So, in their full and pretty much unadulterated form (bar some formatting) are your replies:-


Jim Leahy

1. Connamara Ultra

2. The Portumna 100k

3. To organise a successful Fields of Athenry race at Christmas.


Ronan McCarthy

1. Mind myself to have every chance of an injury free year.

2. Finish in the top 10 in The National Adventure Race Series.

3. Clear the 5 metre mark "officially" in a masters event this year, preferably the All Ireland Masters.


Kieran Guiry

1. Stay injury free.

2. Sub 40 for 10k

3. Pb in at least 5 distances


Kenneth O'Hara

1. Try & get six months injury / illness free.

2. Get as close to 19 mins in the 5k series as I can.

3. Sub 90min half.


Mick Rice

1. Stay relatively injury-free

2. Sub 2:45 marathon

3. Sub 15:00:00 100 miler


Seb Locteau:

1. Run Marathons without injuries

2. Do some multisports events

3. last one is a secret :-)


Michelle Tooher:

1. Run more than once a week

2. Run more than 8km

3. Run a race


Frances Leahy:

This year I hope to better my half marathon time from Sept last year of 1hr 59 to 1hr 54 or better, & also to have a really good DCM & get a 4hr 10 or better. I would be really chuffed with that, now though as I’m composing this email & looking out at the weather targets might be a bit off……lets hope it improves.


Anne Lyng:

1.Run 5km sub 22.30min in 5km series

2. Run 10km sub 50min

3. Continue my current commitment to training :-)


Lyall Guiney:

One main goal, and n sub-goals, where n is the number of standard road race distances from 5k to marathon:

Main goal: Run a sub 2:40 marathon.

Sub-goals: Bring my pb's at other standard distances down to 2:40 marathon equivalent times based on McMillan conversions.

n is probably 5: 5k, 8k, 10k, 10 mile and half marathon.

Prospects look poor so far but it's a long year!


Kellie O’Shaughnessy:

Mine is an Olympic triathlon before I hit the big 40 in July. I'd wanna make friends with my bike soon though.


Tony Killarney:

Unfortunately my goals are a lot more down to earth this year, Just 2:

1. Get my back sorted

2. Get back to racing again.


Martin Keane:

First of all one of my goals would be to scrape another years running and yes a championship medal would be nice but of course its much easier to win them in the category I compete in. I think its called a road less traveled.

Anyhow here goes:

1 Sub 1 30 for 10 miles in March. (Ballycotton 1 31 in 2014)

2 Sub 2 05 for a half sometime in Summer

3 Complete the Dublin marathon in certainly a faster time than 2014


Mark Mitchell:

1. Run a sub 3 hour Marathon

2. Run a cross country

3. Register for races when I get paid !

(Since submitting this Mark competed in the XC in Tuam for Club and County)


James Lundon:

* Stay fit - starting the year with an injury was a wake-up call for me

* Run less races than 2014 but with better quality thrown in for those I do run

* Complete all 6 5KM Series legs

* Complete the Annaghdown 10KM - as the only stalwart left standing, the pressure is on

* A quality half i.e. sub-1:35

* 750 miles and 150 days!

(Since submitting this we have sent James back to counting class – 3 Goals James !! 3 Goals)


Val Glavin:

1. Donadea 50k Feb

2. Wicklow 50 miler Apr.

3. Conn 100. August

4. Baby ;)

(Since submitting this Valerie ran in the Donadea 50K in 4h49m58s, she also turned 40 the day before, but still no news on 4.)


Sinead Reilly:

1. Train 3 times a week consistently.

2. Run the Dublin marathon in under 4 and a half hours.

3. Stop using running as an excuse to eat junk whenever I want.


Peadar Nugent:

My ambition for 2015 is to complete the Galway 5K series and the Dublin marathon WALKING and get to the finish line before the mats are taken away.


Ollie Kyne:

1. Lose 10kg and improve mobility.

2. Athlone 3/4 marathon.

3. Dublin marathon (20years since my first and only marathon, DCM 4hr 11min 18secs). Target = under 5 hours.


Iain Shaw:

1. Take at least 1 medal at National Masters Track and Field Championships in July

2. Break 11 metres in Shot-Putt (will certainly help with goal #1 above)

3. Stick to my training plan for once (will definitely help for goals #1 and #2)

(Since submitting this Iain has thrown 10m97 – so near yet so far, and has failed miserably at 3.)