Iain Shaw appointed National Technical Official for 2017-2020

Published in Club News on 27th May 2017

At the recent Athletics Ireland AGM, the names of the new panel of National Technical Officials were announced for the period 2017 - 2020.  Amongst those new NTOs were two from County Galway, GCH's Eamonn O'Donnell and Athenry AC's own Iain Shaw.  Both Eamonn and Iain now hold the IAAF level 1 certificate of the Technical Officials Education and Certification System (TOECS) - https://www.iaaf.org/development/education/officials.  This award allows Iain to officiate at National events, and also International events held on Irish soil.  Iain already holds national certification as a photofinish operator and has operated electronic timing at many county/regional/national and international events over the past 4 years.

If anyone would like to get involved in training as a T&F official, or would like to get involved in photofinish/electronic timing then please send an email to [email protected]