In almost perfect weather conditions, Gary Thornton and Orla Ni Mhuircheartaigh capped off successful years by taking victory at this year's Fields of Athenry 10km.

Almost 700 participants took to the roads and streets of Athenry, in the 6th running of the race.

For the first time, a juvenille fun run around the streets of Athenry was also held.

Full report to follow.

Some photos here, with many, many more to follow over the next week or so.


16 years 5 months ago

I would just like to say thanks to the women from Athenry Ac who who helped me and and a lad to finish the last 4k I canot rember her name i think it was mary or marie it was a great 1st race for me and i will Joing the fit 4life in the new year