The Magic Hands of Ian Egan

Published in Other News on 26th November 2006

Ian Egan

Injuries are one of the most frustrating things any runner can have to deal with and getting good professional help can be difficult. Runners in the West will now have access to a service run by a fellow runner and massage therapist with over twenty years competitive experience behind him.

Ian Egan, a stalwart of Tuam AC and Galway City Harriers teams for many years has established a Massage Therapy practice in SEAMA, Liosbaun Industrial Estate in Galway City.

Ian has recently qualified as a massage therapist and has also completed a deep-tissue massage workshop. Ian says, “I firmly believe that massage combined with good stretching is the best form of injury prevention.”

Ian’s practice offers the following types of massage services;

Therapeutic Treatment of most common running injuries
Swedish Massage
Deep-Tissue Massage
Pre-Event and Post-Event Rub Down
Preventative Therapy

Benefits of Massage

* Speeds up recovery time after training
* Increase fitness capabilities and performance potential
* Provides pain relief
* Stimulates elimination of accumlated metabolic waste
* Improves circulation
* Inproves suppleness, flexibility and muscle tone.

Ian can be contacted at 087-6961746 for appointments or by e-mail on