Entry Limit Reached for Galway May 5km Series - ** SOLD OUT **

Published in Other News on 20th April 2008

Who would have believed it?

Entries closed for this year's Galway 5km Series on Sunday, 13th of April over two full weeks before the first race in Athenry on the 29th of April.

To keep this series to a manageable size all of the Galway clubs decided that we'd accept a maximum of 350 series entries. If you scroll down to the bottom of this article you will be able to see a list of 338 (to date) confirmed entries. As there are a good number of entries still being processed it's clear we've passed our limit and so we've closed entries for this year.

When and Where

The dates, venues and times of the races are as follows.

(Please note that the Athenry race starts 15 minutes earlier than all the others to make sure it can be completed in daylight.)

Race 1 - Tuesday 29th April - Athenry - (Newcastle) @ 07:45pm
Race 2 - Tuesday 6th May - Tuam @ 8:00pm
Race 3 - Tuesday 13th May - Craughwell - @ 8:00pm
Race 4 - Tuesday 20th May - Claregalway - @ 8:00pm
Race 5 - Tuesday 27th May - Loughrea - @ 8:00pm
Race 6 - Tuesday 3rd June - Galway - @ 8:00pm

Entry Details

Series of Six Races Euro 20.00
Single Race (where available) Euro 5.00

  • People may enter the series by post using the attached entry form or online at www.RunIreland.com. Individual race entries will not be available online.
  • In order to avoid overcrowding at races a maximum number of 350 series entries will be accepted. Once this limit is reached series entry will be closed. Depending on numbers attending each night a limited number of individual race entries may be available on the night of the races at the discretion of the hosting club.
  • Runners will retain the same number from race to race. In other words you will be provided with a race number at the first race you arrive for and you’ll keep that same number for each subsequent night.
  • A souvenir t-shirt to be awarded to anyone who both enters the series and runs at least five races. Shirts only go to those that have actually entered the series.
  • In the interest of your own safety, headphones are not allowed during the race as race marshal instructions and traffic need to be heard at all times.
  • Race results will be published online as soon as possible after each race.

More Details

Please monitor the club websites for updates more specifics of individual races as the time gets nearer.

Galway Club Websites are at:

We look forward to seeing you in May.

START Confirmed Entries on 23 April 2008 START

Forename Surname Club
Sharon Allen Craughwell Fit4life
Noreen Armstrong
Louise Arrigan GCH
Gerry Bartley Eircom
Maire Treasa Beatty Athenry AC
TJ Beatty Loughrea AC
Gary Begley
Barry Beirne Loughrea AC
James Beirne
Karyn Beirne
Cian Blake
Sean Boyle
Irene Brady Athenry AC
Carmel Brannigan GCH
Elva Breen Galway M&T
Grainne Breen Athenry AC
Mark Breen Athenry AC
Gordon Brett AIT
Rory Bruen
Eoin Budds
Alan Burke Athenry AC
Annette Burke Galway M&T
Chris Burke Galway Tri Club
Enda Burke Tuam
Frank Burke Athenry AC
Mary Burke
Noel Burke Bangor University
Fergal Byrne
Niamh Cahalan Craughwell AC
David Callaghan GCH
John Callaghan GCH
Niall Callanan Predator Tri Club
James Cannon Craughwell AC
Sheila Cannon Craughwell AC
Adrain Carey
Una Carleton Craughwell AC
Ann Carter Athenry AC
Regina Casey GCH
Caroline Clancy Loughrea AC
Joseph Clancy
Ciara Clarke
Caitriona Collins
Michael Collins
Gina Concannon GCH
Derek Conerney Athenry AC
Joyce Conlon Athenry AC
Keith Connaughton
Julian Conneely HP
Sean Connell AIT
Finbarr Connolly Athenry AC
Eoghan Considine Galway Tri Club
Karen Conway
James Corbett Athenry AC
Ita Corcoran
Ann Cormican
Joe Cormican
Seamus Coyne
Cathal Craughwell
Marie Cronnelly Predator Tri Club
Irene Cunningham
Siobhán Cunningham GCH
Owen Curran Athenry AC
Cepta Daley Athenry AC
Tony Daley Athenry AC
Eve Daly GCH
Jim Daly Tuam AC
Mark Davis Craughwell AC
Orla Davis Craughwell
Don Deacy GCH Fit4Life
Nicola Deacy GCH Fit4Life
Olivia Deely
Rena Deely Craughwell AC
Ollie Deelz
Julio Delgadomangas
Peter Delmer Athenry AC
Carol Dempsey Athenry AC
Keith Devane Craughwell Fit4life
Aoife Doherty Predator Tri Club
Gary Doherty Athenry AC
Rena Doherty Athenry AC
Conor Dolan Athenry AC
Jim Donnelly
Peter Dooley
Vivian Doonan
Maire Doyle Craughwell AC
Michael Duane Athenry AC
Declan Duggan GCH
David Dunne Athenry AC
Sinead Dunne
Edward Egan Athenry AC
Ian Egan GCH
Niall Egan GCH
Walter Egan GCH
Richard Evans Predator Tri Club
John Fahey
Tony Fahy GCH
Tracey Fahy Predator Tri Club
Breda Fallon GCH
Breda Fallon GCH
Maura Fallon GCH
Bernie Farrell
Assumpta Feeney Athenry AC
Cathal Feeney Athenry AC
Monenna FitzGerald
Adrian Fitzmaurice Clare River Harriers
Anthony Fitzpatrick Craughwell
Nuala Fitzpatrick Craughwell AC
Colin Flaherty
Maria Flaherty
Mark Flannery Athenry AC
Debbie Flynn Athenry AC
Niamh Foley
Sinead Foran
Sinead Forde
Enda Fox Predator Tri Club
Enda Fox Predator Tri Club
Margaret Foy Craughwell AC
Liam Frawley
Gary Frehill
Carrie Fritz GCH
Julie Gallagher Craughwell AC
Brenda Gannon GCH
Noelle Gannon
Treasa Gannon Predator Tri Club
Gabriel Gardiner Craughwell AC
Josephine Gardiner Mayo AC
Brian Garvey
Julie Garvey Athenry AC
Joseph Garvin Galway Tri Club
Brenda Gaughan Craughwell
Antoinette Geoghegan
Brian Geraaghty GCH
Ruaidhri Geraghty GCH
Jim Gibbons
Declan Gillen
Lorna Gilmartin GCH
Paddy Gilmore Tuam AC
Valerie Glavin
Emer Glynn Athenry AC
Michael Glynn Athenry AC
Siobhan Glynn Loughrea AC
Alicia Gormley
Dave Greaney GCH
Frank Greene
Niall Grenham
Conor Griffin Athenry AC
Karen Guest Craughwell AC
Aidan Hanley Galway Tri
Deirdre Hassett Galway Tri Club
Brendan Hayes
Catherine Hayes GCH
Maurice Headd Craughwell AC
Jane-Ann Healy Naas AC
Brian Heavey
Maria Hehir Athenry AC
Sinead Heneghan Galway Tri Club
Anne Higgins
John Joe Higgins Corofin AC
Mary Higgins
Ollie Higgins Galway Tri Club
John Hingston
Kathleen Hogan
Muiriosa Holohan Craughwell
Patrick Holohan Craughwell
David Huane Mayo AC
Cormac Hughes
Richard Humphreys
Anne Hunter Athenry Fit4Life
Pearse Hunter Athenry Fit4Life
Liz Jennings HP
Gerry Joyce Craughwell AC
Suzanne Joyce Craughwell AC
Fiona Keane
Martin Keane Athenry AC
Deirdre Keary
Stephen Keily
Bernie Kelly GCH
Larry Kelly Athenry AC
Máire Kelly Galway M&T
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly Craughwell AC
Paula Kelly
Sarah Kelly GCH Fit4Life
Lisa Kenny
Aoife Kerans
Liz Keyes HP
Daniel Kielty
Ruth Kilcawley Athenry AC
Billy King GCH
Sarah King
Seamus King
Alma Lacken
Christopher Laffin
Johnny Lane
Maria Lane Craughwell
Breege Lardner
Clodagh Lennon
Gearoidin Leonard
Seb Locteau Athenry AC
John Loughlin Galway Tri Club
Enda Loughnane GCH
James Lundon Athenry AC
Jenni Lynam
Marguerite Lynch GCH Fit4Life
Michelle Lynch GCH
Peggy Lynch Craughwell AC
Ruth Lynch Craughwell AC
Anne Lyng Athenry AC
Mary Lyng
Fiona Lyons
Judith Lyons GCH
John MacSweeny GCH
Orla Madden
Sandra Madden
Philip Magnier Athenry AC
Barry Maguire
Niall Maguire Athenry AC
Jim Maher HP
Michael Mahon
Grace Mannion
Sally Mannion
Genevieve Marren GCH
Brian Martin Predator Tri Club
Patricia McAfee
Helen McBreen
Darren McCrudden
Laura McDermott
Frank McDonagh
Mark McDonagh Athenry AC
Pearl McDonagh Galway M&T
Breege McGrath Athenry AC
Grainne McGuane
Aonghus McGuinness Athenry AC
John McInerney Athenry
Cathal McLaughlin Athenry AC
Kevin McLoughlin
Michael McMahon
Siobhan McMahon Craughwell AC
Maeve McNally
Aileen McNamara Athenry AC
Noreen McNamara Athenry AC
Tony McNicholas Galway Tri Club
Darragh McShane Athenry AC
Blaneth McSharry
Richard Meaney
David Meehan
Colin Melville
Damien Melville
NIamh Moffatt
Deirdre Moffatt-Corcoran
Eileen Molloy
Brendan Monaghan Tuam AC
Allen Moran
Brid Moran
Sabrina Mullins
Pauline Mulqueen Athenry AC
Enda Munnelly
Cathy Murphy
Jacintha Murphy
John Murphy
Maria Murphy GCH
Michelle Murphy GCH
Rory Murphy Tuam AC
Derek Murray Galway Tri Club
Fergal Murray GCH
Pauline Murray Athenry AC
Aoife Nash Predator Tri Club
Tony Nevin Craughwell AC
Paula Newell GCH
Ciara Ni Mhairtin KCH
Caroline Niland Craughwell AC
Justin Niland Craughwell AC
Oliver Niland Craughwell AC
Mags Nohilly
Frank Noone Athenry AC
Joanne Noone
Maeve Noone Athenry AC
Sean Noone
Peadar Nugent Athenry AC
Darragh O'Brien Loughrea AC
Rachael O'Brien Fit4Life
Tony O'Callaghan Craughwell AC
Cormac O'Connor
David O'Connor
John O'Connor Athenry AC
D O'Doherty
Sinead O'Donnell
Joseph O'Neill GCH Fit4Life
Charlotte O'Regan Craughwell
Ailish O'Reilly Galway Tri Club
Trevor O'Reilly
Valerie O'Reilly
Caoilinn O'Rourke
Dan O'Rourke Tuam AC
Norma O'Rourke Tuam AC
Ned O'Sullivan
Slaine O'Sullivan
Sandra O'Toole Craughwell AC
Andrew Parkinson Galway Tri Club
Anna Parkinson
Margaret Parkinson
Peter Payton
Shaun Porter
Diarmuid Quill Craughwell AC
David Quinn
John Raftery
Sharon Raftery Craughwell AC
Lillian Redington Craughwell
Pat Reidy Craughwell AC
Andrea Ridge Tuam AC
Maeve Rohan
Michael Rooney Athenry AC
Anne-Marie Ruane Athenry AC
Ain Ruddy
Deirdre Ruddy Mayo AC
John Rushe
Brendan Ryan
Caroline Ryan
Edel Ryan GCH
Tara Ryan GCH
Gunther Sandtner
Dymphna Scanlon Craughwell
David Scully
Eimear Seery Athenry AC
James Shannon
Iain Shaw Athenry AC
Brian Smyth
Mel Stanley Athenry AC
Ciaran Stewart
Sara Stewart-McDermott GCH
Peter Strange Athenry AC
Eileen Sweeney Galway Tri
Seamus Sweeney Tuam AC
Gerry Synott Tuam AC
Andrew Talbot Clare River Harriers
Jacinta Thornton
David Tierney Craughwell
Niamh Tierney Athenry AC
Michelle Tooher Athenry
Aisling Vesey GCH
Kristine Waage
Anne-Marie Walsh Athenry AC
Liz Walsh
Maggie Walsh GCH
Seamus Walsh Tuam
Sharon Walsh Tuam
Deirdre Ward
Donal Ward
Sean Ward
Wayne Williams

END Confirmed Entries on 23 April 2008 END