The Irish Masters Athletic Association (IMAA) invites all athletes over 35 to participate in its events in the coming season.

Nationally we have the Raheny Road Relays and the National Road 10km Championships (Athenry) coming up in April, the Outdoor T&F Championships in August, and the Half Marathon Championships in September.

Internationally, we have the European T&F Championships starting in Slovenia in late July (open entry with no minimum standards). You must be a member of the IMAA to compete internationally.

Please see the attached membership form and a link to the Galway City Harriers Web site where you can view the newsletter:



16 years 1 month ago

is there no may tuesday 5km series like last year?
that was a great idea from all the clubs
whats the story?


16 years 1 month ago

See for details on 5k series.