Ray Takes On The Brathay Challenge

Published in Other News on 14th April 2008

Ray O'Connor will be taking on the biggest challenge of his sporting life from the 9th to the 18th of May next. Ray has completed marathon races far and wide over the last number of years but this particular event will require him to run no less than ten marathons in ten days. Ray will be the first Irishman to take on such a massive challenge and he hopes to raise some cash for a worthy cause in the process. Ray will be running to raise funds for the Brattay Hall Trust, a UK based charity with the aim of enabling children and young people to make positive choices by taking personal responsibility for improving their well-being.

You can learn more about the event at http://www.brathaychallenge.com/

and you can sponsor Ray online at http://www.justgiving.com/rayoconnor

Every little bit helps.