General Running Safety Tips

Published in Other News on 4th September 2015

Did you know that more than two-thirds of fatal pedestrian collisions happen at night? Although you can hear a car coming and see its lights, the driver may not see you (and certainly won’t hear you). We don’t want you to become another statistic so we have compiled a list of safety tips to help keep you safe while running…
• Increase your visibility always wear a high-visibility vest when running in the dark (morning or night) and in addition you can wear other reflective or fluorescent clothing and an LED Armband which will help you to be seen from a distance.
• Wear a head torch both to be seen by oncoming traffic and to improve your night vision to enable you to avoid potholes and other potential hazards.
• Run against traffic so you can observe approaching cars, by facing on-coming traffic you may be able to react quicker than if it is behind you.
• Carry identification or write your name and a contact phone number on the inside your high-visibility vest.
• Look both ways before crossing the road. Be sure the driver of a car acknowledges your right-of-way before crossing in front of a vehicle. Obey traffic signals.
• Don’t wear headphones. Use your ears to be aware of your surroundings. Your ears may help you avoid dangers your eyes may miss during evening or early morning runs.

In addition to being seen there are other safety measures you can take…
• Alter or vary your running route pattern.
• Run in familiar areas if possible.
• Run with a partner or run with a dog!
• If you have no option but to long alone in isolated areas carry a mobile phone with you.
• Tell family members the route you are running and approximately when you plan to be back.
• Avoid unpopulated areas, deserted streets, and overgrown trails. Avoid unlit areas, especially at night.

A chilling statistic, in 2008, a staggering 49 pedestrians were killed (almost one person every week) and 1,124 injured on Ireland’s roads. That's 18% of all fatalities and 12% of all casualties from road collisions in the country.

Enjoy your running and be safe!