Clean-up from 2009 5KM Series Race 1 - Athenry, Newcastle

Published in Results on 29th April 2009

Hard to know where to start but I'll try and keep things brief at the same time!

It was a great honour for myself and Athenry AC to have 375 out in Newcastle yesterday evening for the first race of the 4th year of this ever-successful Galway 5KM May Series. It was also the series' 16th race in the three years and we have yet to experience a drop of rain, unlike the night before and this evening! The Big Man/Woman continues to smile down on us...

Most everything went off like clockwork but that is not without a whole lot of work in the background, from course measurement (a story in itself) to registration to parking to on-course stewarding to finish-line logistics to clean-up afterwards. None of this happens by accident and I had a very experienced crew of people around me. Thank you all!

Thanks to all the racers, runners, joggers, Fit4Life and walkers who made the not-inconsiderable effort a joy and all worthwhile.

Your humble servant!


P.S. The provisional result files have been deleted. A final result is posted in a separate article!


Congrats guys, super race. Take a bow. Special pat on back to two of my fellow runners, Don Deacy and Fergal Egan on huge improvements.

james... regina casey was ahead of both caroline and myself...maybe take a minute off her time!not sure exactly, but definite she was first woman, caroline 2nd, me 3rd.jane-ann

Hi James,
Reginas race number was No.1 so I think she's been swopped with Gordon Brett. They're both blonde but he's slightly broader ...;)

Damb it anyway and here is me thinking that my watch was slow and its turns out it was just me who was slow!!! Yes I am number 198 and I did finish around 19:35. Somebody walked around me in the funnel so maybe some confusion arose there. I hope Regina recovers from the shock of seeing those times above, somebody please restore order to the world!!! Slightly broader = slightly heavier, thanks Jane!!!!
Well done to everyone on a great well organised race and thank you to everyone who ran in our AIT AC/South Westmeath Hospice 5k in Athlone last Sunday. It looks like €26,000 was raised for the Hospice.

I would like to express my appreciation for the organisers of the 5K series.
The race on Tuesday ran like clockwork and it was fantastic to see the results up so quickly. Well done! I am a middle of the pack runner and I have to say that the athmosphere was great throughout the run.
Roll on Tuam next Tuesday:-)

Apologies Gordon, no offence intended ;). Congratualtions on the funds raised for the South Westmeath hospice! And well done to Athenry for a slickly organised race on Tuesday and for sorting out the weather for us!

No offence taken Jane!!!
We have worked out in AIT AC that the numbers must have been put in the wrong envelope. The rest of the AIT lads have numbers 2,3 and 4. I think the number 1 is more appropriate for Regina anyway!!!

anyone have any details where tuam 5k is starting tomorrow night,or where registration is,hopefully weather improves.