Ardrahan 10KM Result and Report

Published in Results on 22nd April 2012

** Official Result added - May 2012 **

A great day today in Labane/Ardrahan courtesy or Josephine and Gabriel Gardiner!  Fair play on a very well organised event.  I wonder where you got your finish line clock from ;-).

The course was reported to be flat.  If that was flat, I'd worry about what a hilly course would be like :-).  The rain towards the end of the race did not deter the competitors or the vocal support at the finish line.  It did make the road a bit slippery than necessary but that is an occupational hazard of running in the rain after a sunny spell.

A full provisional result is attached in my customary four formats - one for almost everyone in the audience.

A few PBs were recorded, including Tony Killarney who gets every closer to the mythical 40 minutes.  Mark Mitchell - an early member of the club back in the mid-noughties - also got under that mark(!) for the first time.  You never really leave Athenry AC, you must remember...  Sincere congratulations.  Another friend of the club also got under 40 for the first time today, Noel Maher.  Again, fair play and just reward for some savage training I'm hearing in dispatches.  Lyall Guiney's confirmed his run in the National 10KM last week with another sub-38 minute run today.  Geraoid Rohan also broke forty today.  Sixteen form the club finished.

I also recorded my best 10KM time in nearly three years today, dipping just under 43 (21:35 out, 21:23 back).  Mid-packers have been warned - you'll be hearing a lot from me again!!!!