There was some running in the sun done at the weekend, but not around the roads of Athenry...or even Ireland for that matter. We had 2 members strecthing their legs in some far reaches of the earth.

Kieran Walsh ventured as far as Tanzania for the Kilmanjaro Half Marathon. Here is a brief summary from Kieran....."It's my slowest ever half time, 1:50:45 but it was the toughest one ever. I was stuck at the back of the field for ages, the heat, alot of uphill, the altitude, alot on dirt and stoney track, lots of excuses but still pleased with my performance. the heat is definitely the biggest issue, took alot of water stops and poured alot of water over myself too. I won't complain about cold Irish running conditions again".  Kieran will be climbing Mount Kilmanjaro this week, hopefully in some cooler conditions. Well done from all at the club Kieran!!!

In more foreign ventures Aidan Madden made his annual trip to Malta for the Malta Marathon. Here is a brief summary from Aidan..... "Pure and utter torture from mile 3. 26 degrees and sunny with a 50mph headwind or cross wind for most of the 26 miles. BUT finished with a time of 3:27. I will gladly take the bad irish weather any day". Another well done from all at the club Aidan, great time in what sounds like gruelling conditions.

So by all accounts maybe, we need to appreciate the cold and rain a little more here in Eire :-)