Miami's Nice - Lyall's Marathon Report

I only entered the Miami marathon on an impulse, after seeing their stall at the Chicago marathon expo last October. Having sat on the entry for a couple of months – with no flights or accommodation booked until Christmas – I ended up turning it into a pretty solid 10-day holiday in the sun. Florida in January? Absolutely brilliant.

Twenty Questions for...Kieran

1. What running shoes do you train in?
Saucony Omni 9

2. How many miles did you run last week?

3. What’s your favourite racing distance?
Half Marathon

4. Where’s your favourite place to train?
Quiet country roads in East Galway

5. What’s your favourite event or race each year?
Only running for 2 years so I haven’t built up a huge list but I do love the atmosphere at the Streets of Galway. I’m pretty sure Dublin City Marathon will be on my to do list every year as well.

6. What annoys you most at races?

Going Back

She put her arms around her husband’s neck, kissed him and thanked him for all of his support - then quickly slipped out into the dark silent night. Driving up the boreen, only a dim moon for light, the palms of her hands grew clammy. She could hear her heart thump in her chest, her stomach felt tight. “Was she doing the right thing”, she thought. '”Was it too late?” Turning onto the N17 heading towards the city, the memories started to flicker through her mind. That old familiar voice rang in her head. “Please come back. Promise you will come back.

AGM salutes the Helsinki 4

The Athenry AC annual general meeting, which took place on Friday 4th Feb, made special presentations to all four athletes who competed in the 24-hour race in Helsinki. All four - Val Glavin, Ruthann Sheehan, Mick Rice, Ray O'Connor - looked none the worse for wear a mere five days after their savage and exhilarating experience. (One even risked blackened toe nails in high heels and I can confirm that it was not Mick Rice).

Athenry F4L road race proceeds to Galway Hospice

From Maria Hehir:

Last November 6th (2010) saw the 1st Athenry Fit4Life 5km charity road race.  This race was made for people who had just joined the f4l programme and for current f4l members to test themselves in a low-pressure race.

I was very pleased with the turnout on the day as this was my first time being Race Director.  Thankfully, it all went well.

Ten In The Deise

Dungarvan 10 Miler - Race Report by Marie Curran

I travelled to Dungarvan - my hometown - on Saturday with my husband; he was on chauffer duty for the weekend! We arrived mid-afternoon and chilled with my parents for the day (I did ditch Donal for a bit as I caught up with an old school pal, nothing like a bit of bonding with the in-laws for a few hours).


Word came through on Sunday morning via Twitter as follows: "Valerie Glavin 2nd Woman with 217.809k; Ruthann Sheehan 7th Woman with 188.714k; Mick Rice 30th Man 165.545k; Ray O'Connor 58th Man with 122.083k;" In the previous 24 hours, four members of Athenry AC had particpated in (and finished) a 24 hour race in Finland and these were the final results. Valerie Glavin clocked up 217.908KM! That is 135.34023800994873 miles to be very precise. The equivalent on 5.16 marathons or a five-plus marathons back to back at 4:39 pace!


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