1. What running shoes do you train in?

ASICS 2120.

2. How many miles did you run last week?

About 52 miles. I do most of my training by time as opposed to

distance, but I think that would be quite close.

3. What's your favourite racing distance?


4. Where's you favourite place to train?

On the riverbank down in UL, or the hilly 4 mile loop in Ryehill,

outside Monivea.

5. What's your favourite race or event each


Tie between Fields of Athenry 10K and National Junior 6K Cross


6. What annoys you most at races?

Racing when not well prepared.

7. What race, that you haven't yet run, would you most

like to take part in?

Any 10 mile road race, that will be a while yet!

8. What was your best-ever running performance?

Inter-varsities 10K on the track. Took 2:21 of my PB but most of

all (and rather unlike me) ran consistent and intelligently with

a strong finish.

9. What was your worst-ever running performance?

It's hard to chose just one. A top 10 would be the best thing

here! I suppose the absolute worst was the National Junior Cross

Country 6K last November, and then the 8K Junior around March.

They were actually, and I mean this genuinely, embarrassing. I

know what I did wrong for the first won but still don't

understand the second one. The Athenry 10K in 2005 also brings

back horrible memories too!

10. What's the strangest thing that you've ever seen on a

training run?

My reflection in the window of a car after a 12 mile run in


11. Favourite piece of running gear?

My ASICS 2120s.

12. Who would you most enjoy beating in a sprint for the


Michael Keane of Ennis Track. It currently stands at one all in

the finishing department. Roll-on Ennis Track Cross Country meet

in a few weeks!

13. What was the best bit of training advice you were

ever given?

Running just below your lactic threshold raises your lactic


14. In ten years time will you still be running?

No idea.

15. If for some reason you were told you could never run

again, how do you think you'd react?

Initially I'd be disappointed. After a few days or weeks of not

running I would get very frustrated and probably feel sorry for

myself. Eventually though I would just put my extra time and

energy into something else and move on. I have other interests

and it wouldn't be the end of the world.

16. Have you ever been bitten by a dog while



17. Have you ever had to stop for an emergency 'Paula'

during a race?

Not in a race but often on runs.

18. Favourite post-race food?

A nice Fresh banana sandwich. Ahhhhhh...makes all the effort


19. Most embarrassing ever running-related


See question 9.

20. The greatest Irish Athlete of all time


I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject to give a good answer,

but on what I do know I would say Mark Carroll for his mile to

marathon times.