What running shoes do you train in?

ASICS 3000.

    How many miles did you run last week?

59·24km (not a typo!!).

    What’s your favourite racing distance?

5km – I prefer the shorter faster distances.

    Where’s your favourite place to train?

I like to run on the roads around Athenry. There is a great selection of routes depending on my running mood!

    What’s your favourite event or race each year?

5km Series, Streets of Galway 8Km and of course The Fields 10km.

    What annoys you most at races?

When a race starts late…which rarely happens!

    What race, that you haven’t yet run, would you most like to take part in?

Kilomarathon a small step up from a half. I’m not a lover of the longer distances!

    What was your best-ever running performance?

There are two! Kilconieron 8km in 2015 ran first sub 40 and PB by 1min 37 secs in tough windy conditions. Tuam 5km series in 2014 I ran like a bat out of hell and knocked over 1 min off my PB.

    What was your worst-ever running performance?

Monivea 5km in 2012 I started the race too fast trying to keep up with Elaine Quinn! Got a stitch and had to walk for a few mins finishing in a very miserable time. Lesson learnt!

    What’s the strangest thing that you’ve ever seen on a training run?

Nothing comes to mind!

    Favourite piece of running gear?

Garmin – probably depend on it too much!

    Who would you most enjoy beating in a sprint for the line?

Anyone in front of me!

    What was the best bit of training advice you were ever given?

* Train!!!

* Stay in the zone! I’m now doing both!

    In ten years’ time will you still be running?

Yes…but slower!

    If for some reason you were told you could never run again, how do you think you’d react?

I’d probably feel gutted initially but there are other sports I could do which I enjoy… cycling or swimming!

    Have you ever been bitten by a dog while running?

No…but twice while walking. Running is obviously safer!

    Have you ever had to stop for an emergency "Paula" during a race?

Not to date!

    Favourite post-race food?


    Most embarrassing ever running-related moment?

Can’t think of anything!

    The greatest Irish athlete of all time is / was?

Sonia O’Sullivan.