1.      How long have you been an Athenry AC member?  4 years approx

2.      Briefly, what started you running? “Back in the day” I played soccer, football and rugby and running was always part of training!

3.      What shoes do you train/race in?  Asics 3000

4.      What piece of running gear/apparel is your most prized possession?  My Garmin and HR Monitor

5.      What is your favourite event/race of the year?  5km series and the Fields of Athenry 10km

6.      What event/race that you haven’t done would you most like to compete in?  Portumna Half Marathon – I plan to run it this year

7.      What performance/race do you take most pride in? Athlone Half Marathon in 2015 – I trained really hard for this race and my target time was 1.55.00 but I ran 1.52.15 which was a 7 min PB

8.      Is there any performance/race that you would rather forget?  Monivea 5km around 4 years ago. I started too fast trying to keep up with Elaine Quinn and got a stitch at 2km. I had to walk for several mins before slowly jogging the rest of the race and finished in an abysmal time!

9.      Where is your favourite place to train?  Monivea Road and Kiltullagh Road. There are lots of lovely loops around Athenry!

10.  What type of training is your “favourite”? (Speed,Tempo,Short,Long Run,Slow????)  Speed definitely my favourite and I enjoy the long runs also

11.  Do you prefer solo or group training? Both - it depends on the type of session

12.  What’s the funniest/strangest thing you’ve seen or heard on a run?  Don’t know if this qualifies as funny or strange but…running out the Kiltullagh Road about 2 years ago Jane Ann passed in the car held her hand on the horn while hanging out the window and “roared” at me!! (sorry Jane Ann!)

13.  If you were to give 1 piece of advice to a newcomer to running what would it be? Don’t underestimate your own ability

14.  What injury has caused you the most problems since you started running? Hamstring

15.  Do you cross train? If yes what type?  Yes – core and sometimes swimming and cycling

16.  What is your most embarrassing running related incident?  In Dangan last July taking part in a high jump competition (I am not a high jumper but I’ll try anything!). I lined up as shown and ran towards the bar but my legs wouldn’t lift off the ground! Next attempt I ran through the bar and after numerous attempts I mastered my own style of the Fosbury Flop! Everyone was so patient and helpful giving me lots of encouragement and advice it was embarrassing!

17.  Which club member would you most like to beat in a sprint to the line?  Lorna Freeman!

18.  Do you have a favourite current or past athlete that inspires you? Sonya O’Sullivan

19.  Which PB would you most like to break this year? Half Marathon target time is 1.45.00
20.  Can you share the following PBs with us?.......
Distance               Time           Where                                When

5km                        22:47           5k Series Craughwell

8km                        39:31           Kilconieron 

10km                      49:41           Moylough

10 mile                  1:29:56         Craughwell

Half Marathon        1:52:15         Athlone

Full Marathon         0:00:00!!