Athlete Profile - Martin O'Hara (Mens Club Captain 2016)

Published in Members on 18th February 2016


1.      How long have you been an Athenry AC member?  Joined February 2010. Just over 6 years.

2.      Briefly, what started you running?  I couldn't jog, never mind run 50 meters. I was also overweight. My Daughter was 4 years old at this time. I needed to do something to get the weigth off and fitness up.  The rest is history. 

3.      What shoes do you train/race in?  I train in Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 / Saucony Ride 7. Race in Mizuno Musha.

4.      What piece of running gear/apparel is your most prized possession?  My Garmin Forerunner. Have it a long time.

5.      What is your favourite event/race of the year?  There is so many I could pick from. But Dublin City Marathon is my favourite.

6.      What event/race that you haven’t done would you most like to compete in?  London Marathon.

7.      What performance/race do you take most pride in?  Doing Portuma 50km. I turned 40 the day before the race.

8.      Is there any performance/race that you would rather forget?  Tuam stage of the 5km series in 2010. Went out to fast. I wasn't long running.  

9.      Where is your favourite place to train?  Athenry.

10.  What type of training is your “favourite”? (Speed,Tempo,Short,Long Run,Slow????) Long runs are my favourite. But I think a mixture of them is good for you.

11.  Do you prefer solo or group training?  I prefer group training. It's easier to do speed, tempo & long runs in groups.

12.  What’s the funniest/strangest thing you’ve seen or heard on a run?  Nothing.

13.  If you were to give 1 piece of advice to a newcomer to running what would it be?  Listen to your body. It's worked for me so far. Fingers crossed. 

14.  What injury has caused you the most problems since you started running?  I've had no injuries so far. just tried legs from all the long miles.

15.  Do you cross train? If yes what type?  No. But I should do.

16.  What is your most embarrassing running related incident?  None

17.  Which club member would you most like to beat in a sprint to the line?  Who do I pick. Don't mind. As long as I have a strong finish.

18.  Do you have a favourite current or past athlete that inspires you?  Eamon Coghlan.But I have to say that Jane Ann Meehan, who is the heart of the club. With her brilliant run in Dublin. She shows that hard work pays off.

19.  Which PB would you most like to break this year?  I would love to get under 3:15 for a Marathon.

20.  Can you share the following PBs with us?.......

5km                       : 19:20

8km                       : 32:53

10km                     : 40:20

10 mile                  : 67:40

Half Marathon        : 1:30:52

Full Marathon         : 3:24:06