Athlete Profile - Mairead Sullivan

Published in Members on 8th March 2016


1.      How long have you been an Athenry AC member?  Since March 2010.

2.      Briefly, what started you running? A few friends at work were in to it so I decided to give it a go. Our New Years resolution in 2010 was to run the Dingle Half marathon that September. 

3.      What shoes do you train/race in?  Mizuno Wave Inspire.

4.      What piece of running gear/apparel is your most prized possession? My new running buggy for my 5 month old running buddy.

5.      What is your favourite event/race of the year?  Ballycotton 10 miles, this year will be my 5th year in a row taking part, the souvenir mug collection is coming along nicely.

6.      What event/race that you haven’t done would you most like to compete in?  Cork City marathon, I never ran when I lived in Cork so it would be nice to go back and complete the marathon there.

7.      What performance/race do you take most pride in? Dublin marathon 2014, it was a tough day but I got the time I was hoping for and to top it off  Maeve, Deirdre and I won bronze team medals in the National Marathon Championships.

8.      Is there any performance/race that you would rather forget?  Think I’ve already forgotten it!

9.      Where is your favourite place to train?  Rinville Park for convenience and enjoyment and Ryehill for a tough session.

10.  What type of training is your “favourite”? (Speed,Tempo,Short,Long Run,Slow????)  Tempo sessions,  thanks to them I’ve learned how to pace myself much better during races.

11.  Do you prefer solo or group training? I don’t mind either, I do a lot of runs on my own but you can’t beat the benefits of group training.

12.  What’s the funniest/strangest thing you’ve seen or heard on a run?  I’ve seen someone covered in an alarming amount of Vaseline, they weren’t taking any chances when it comes to chaffing.

13.  If you were to give 1 piece of advice to a newcomer to running what would it be? Join a running club.

14.  What injury has caused you the most problems since you started running? I’ve had a lot of Achilles tendon trouble.

15.  Do you cross train? If yes what type?  I do a circuits class once a week and walk 20-30 miles a week.

16.  What is your most embarrassing running related incident? Being passed by someone dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog during Cork to Cobh 15 mile race 2013, it was a really warm day, he must have been roasted  and I still couldn’t beat him.

17.  Which club member would you most like to beat in a sprint to the line?  Ray Somers.

18.  Do you have a favourite current or past athlete that inspires you? Peadar Nugent walked Dublin City Marathon last year in 5.35.24, that’s some going; many ran it slower than that. Most people couldn’t walk 5k at the pace Peadar kept for the marathon (try it!). Gerry Forde, the Cork wheelchair athlete is an example of how taking part in sport can enrich your life.

19.  Which PB would you most like to break this year? 10k   20.  Can you share the following PBs with us?.......   Distance               Time           Where                                When

5km                      20:53          Tuam                                  June 2014

8km                      35:11          Streets of Galway                Aug 2014     

10km                    43:19          Clarinbridge                         Nov 2014           

10 mile                 1:13:49       Ballycotton                          Mar 2015

Half Marathon       1:36:43       Athlone Flatline                    Sep 2014

Full Marathon       3:24:36       Dublin                                  Oct 2014