To PB or not to PB - that was the burning question I asked myself

as I jogged the streets of Shannon town yesterday afternoon. I

was on a 4k warm-up for the Peach 10k, on my own wondering if I

really was in good shape for this race as my previous two races

had suggested (two Galway 5ks - Athenry and Tuam) or would the 20

tight turns and three small but sharp hills on this course

prevent me from running to my potential.

I returned to the car park for the final preparations and headed

to the start line where I met Dave Huane the only other familiar

face at this charity event sponsored by Peach recruitment. After

five minutes of pumping music and a few announcements over the

loudspeaker, we were set on our way to chase down the Garda


I set off easily enough and questioned myself before passing

other runners during the first K. It wasn’t too long before I

found myself running stride for stride with a guy who was going

just about the pace that would tame me. We took every corner

side by side and ran giving each other enough space for our own

battles - all was fine. There’s a little climb at the 4k mark

which slowed me up and I faded off the pace until the crest where

I soon recovered and set off to catch my pacer, which I did at

5k. We crossed paths with the leaders at 6k before the second

climb of the day and enjoyed the downhill to 7k where we were

running against the grain and getting good support from those on

their outward journey.

"3k left!" I told myself and pushed on as best I could knowing

that this was probably as quick as I’ve gone in a 10k race. I

had no idea of time as I haven’t worn a racing watch for a few

months now and by the turn for home my running partner had put

100m on me and had passed the leading lady who was cruising for

the line.

38:33 were the words I heard as I crossed the line - very happy

with PB of 6 seconds. Dave followed shortly with his own PB by

about 1 minute. This was a good opportunity to leave my poorly

contested National 10k well and truly behind in the logs. I

remember promising myself during the Nationals to pack in running

for 6 months; glad now I didn’t!

Sub-40:00 finishers in 2007 Peach 10KM from

1044 Fahy, Jason 32.14

1054 Dempsey, Mark 34.34

888 Murphy Brian 35.40

1040 Garrahy, Thomas 36.37

1089 Dolan, Darragh 37.08

900 Dunning, Chris 37.40

886 Johnston, Kevin 37.46

1085 Heagney, Ambrose 38.06

1119 MacPhail, Ann 38.18

1036 O'Connor, John 38.33

1042 Huane, David 38.53

1087 O'Rahilly, David 38.58

944 McAllen, Pat 39.23

954 Bolger, Ian 39.28

1078 Bryan, Chris 39.44

1029 Butler, Liam 39.48