Athenry AC at the mini Marathon

Published in Reports on 5th June 2007

Report from Maria Hehir:

Yesterday while the rest of Ireland had lovely sunshine, it rained in Dublin
and the six ladies from Athenry {Fiona McCann, Etain Wilson, Maeve Noone,
Aillen McNamara, Pauline Murray & Maria Hehir} were all very wet by the time
we got to the starting line at 3pm but it didn’t damping the atmosphere, and
thankfully the rain had stopped by then.

We all got off to a good start and we felt the course went very smoothly
considering the roads were slippery. I soon got into a pace of 5min per km
for the first 3km and 5.20 from there to 8km, The 9km felt the longest and
my slowest mile and I finished in around 52.9 I am just waiting for my chip
time to confirm.

We felt all did well and were very happy with our times overall.
For the runners the times started from 52, 53 58 min and two joggers over the 60min
we will get the correct times later to day when they are up on the flora web

Some information:
The Results for Entrants Wearing Chips
The Evening Herald will carry the results for entrants wearing chips in a
special 16 page supplement on Tuesday 5th June. The results will also appear
on the website on 5th June.
Setanta Sports
Tues. 5th June - 9:45pm
Weds. 6th June - 4:45pm and 11pm
Thurs. 7th June - 9.50pm
Sat. 9th June - 7.20pm
RTE O.B. Sport
Mon. 11th June - 8:30pm
Sat. 16th June - 12:00 (noon)

Maria Hehir


Well done to the all Athenry Ladies on their 1st outing may there be many more to come and also to all the other ladies