An early-morning jaunt around Connemara and in under 1:40 too!

Published in Reports on 9th April 2008

As you all know we got all four seasons [a new name for the
Connemarathon: the "Four Seasons' Connemarathon" - Ed.] in one
day in Connemara last Sunday.

I got to Leenane in good time. Received a lift from Oughterard
with Mick Rice - no buses for me!

We passed the Ultra marathoners on the way as we travelled to
Leenane via Recess rather than directly. They were at around
five miles and looked well.

We saw Peter and he looked great.

Then we met the full marathon crowd at Lough Inagh. They were
ready to take off. Seems to be a great buzz around the place.

Arrived at Leenane around 10.30 AM. My God, what a busy place it
was. Buses, one after another, all over the place. Crowds
everywhere. Sun shining but very cold.

We got our first shower of hailstones soon after!!! Even though
we were waiting around for an hour and a half, everyone seemed to
be in great form.

The walkers went off to great cheers just after 11:00 AM.

So then it was time to line up and get ready to go ourselves. I
put on the Athenry AC singlet and met others from the club; it
was great that there were so many of us doing the half together.

Just before we took off, we received another blessing of
hailstones. It was nice and dry again when we got going though.

Going up the first hill, a few of the lads passed me out and
cheered me on. Thanks, guys.

For the first mile there was a lot of banter, which was fun, and
we were at the one mile banner before we knew it.

Mile two and three passed easily enough too and I was feeling
fine. Don't know why, but miles four to six always feel sooooo

Then we got another awful shower of rain and hailstones, but we
were lucky the wind was behind us all the time.

I remembered Alan saying to us on that awful Tuesday night (11
March at Dangan track) "Well done for coming out tonight! We
could get this wind and showers in Connemara - you never know
what you might get out there."

If he only knew. Maybe he did!!!!!!!!!!

At mile 7, it's great because you know you are already past half
way. It's was down hill into Maum Bridge from there.

Good crowd there, so that got us going again.

Water station ahead before you're ready to take on THE HELL OF

Up the hill and I meet Peter: he was going well, we say hello and
smile; he was at around 34 miles and I'm only at 9!!!

Took the hill nice and steady. Thanks to all those supporters
who just stand in the middle of nowhere and cheer us on when we
need it. Found the last climb hard enough.

But then you see the 11 mile marker and you know it's only two
more miles. Down hill and fairly flat too.

I felt great at mile 12 and could pick up a little speed again.
It was really great to see some girls from the club shouting me

I noticed my time about half mile out so I was delighted to push
on and ran as fast as I could.

Really pleased to see the finish line and the clock still in the

Never thought I could do that time but I am really happy with my

Would I do it again? Of course I would: roll on next year.

Thank to everyone in the Athenry AC; you are a great bunch.

Maire-Treasa Beatty - April 2008.


What a great race to run so well in. Under such difficult conditions and on such a tough course that was a run of real quality. Well done. At this rate next year you'll be up there with Lezan at the front!!

Take a bow!

Maire-Treasa well done. You ran by me at your ease after 9miles and your encouragement was great as you went by. That really is a quality time which I'm sure you'll knock lumps off in the coming months. Brilliant!