While we will always retain our love for the old boreens, the tarmac, and the concrete footpaths, strong documentary evidence is in that Athenry AC athletes now pursue another love. Shock, horror, drum roll, some individuals are competing in FIELD events.

At certain recent Co Galway Track & Field meetings, first-hand reports and photos show conclusive evidence of UFF (unidentified flying female) activity: soaring leaps over a horizontal bar ending in death-defying falls onto a foam receptacle.

Even more extraordinary is the report of a certain MB participating in an ancient and noble throwing event, which will henceforth be know as "Flinging da Pointy Ting to make it Stick in da Ground". They came to watch, they gasped...they fled for the exits when he went for a second throw. A pale-faced wife G, wisely electing to keep the kids at home, enquired softly whether any impalements had resulted. Thankfully, no.

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