Mick Rice paced the three hour group in the recent Limerick Marathon and performed the job perfectly.  We expected nothing

less :-).  What none of us realised until last night is that he and his merry band were caught on camera coming across the Living Bridge in UL at about 7 miles and printed in the morning after's Irish Examiner "Backpage".

Mick commented on his job that day when he saw the picture last night as so:

    Started with 40.

    Dwindle, dwindle, slowly...

    Chat chat...halfway in 1:29:45.

    Chat, chat, dwindle a bit more.

    15 or so left around mile 17-18.

    Turned into a bit of a breeze and up a bit of a hill. Looked around half way up.

    All gone. Not a sausage.

    Plod, plod, plod.

    Catch one lad close to home.

    Run in.

    Job done.