By Sinéad Brody (photo by Jan Quilitz)

It certainly was a Great Race at the Ballybrit Racecourse Sunday the 17th June. A happy number of 14 athenryacers, out of the 285 ;-), took part.

The course started and finished on the racecourse itself, nearly like the way the horses do. It was grand and flatish for the first 5km which helped me pass out Philip Magnier but then there was this steep hill somewhere between 6 and 7 which went on for a couple of yards. It was very steep.  But then there was the downhill to look forward to and the sun was a shinin’ so I blasted it!

I chatted with Craughwell’s Michael Dermody for a wee whileen – a wee chit chat sometimes helps. At 8km I was 33.05 on the watch, and thought if I took it easy now I’d still be happy with my time. I was back into the racecourse for the finishing lap showdown. I kind of took it easy but yer man at 9km shouted “come on luveen” ( I hate being called luveen) so I gave it a lash and passed out John Langan just before the finish line. 3rd Woman home in 42.40, a PB.

John and Philip finished just after me! First time in a while. Might turn up for training soon. Might.