The official count of Athenry AC runners at Dublin in 2012 is 50. An amazing number for a small town. Each runner is listed in categories below, First Timers, PBs, others.

Many thanks to our supporters also: Eoin (Madden) and Aoife, Pearse Hunter, Floyd Feeney, Sharon Sweeney, Granny Noone and Ivor Noone, Lorraine, Will Dowling and family, Shirley Quinn's family,  Lyall and Bridget, Val Glavin, husband John Broderick, and baby; the Burke family, Frances Egan, Catherine Magnier, Dee McGrath, Jane-Ann and Ruthann, Tomas Mangan with coke (spelled with a k), Dave Dunne, Grace Magnier, Owen Curran, Mary Rohan and kids, Grainne Breen, Pam, anyone who supported us.

Bridget Anne Walsh was running her 38th marathon, Peadar his 33rd (all in Dublin).


Quotes from our athletes:

Now I know how it feels! I wanted to thank all the Athenry crew for all the help and advice, still can't believe I came from turning up at 9am one sat morning to running a marathon 18 months later! Now if someone can tell me how long this pain lasts!!!

very happy:-)

Fantastic support all the way around. Someone said to us along the way: "there must be no one left in Athenry today they are all up here running"

First and last marathon! (Editorial comment: Now where have I heard that before?)

I didn't stop even once!

The support along the route was fantastic, the shouts of "come on Athenry" show why it is important to wear the Athenry AC vest.

There's always next year. ;)

As they say any day you get a pb is a good day - next year that 3.30 is going to get a hammering  - James will you join us ?!!!

From John Daly: "first marathon and ran it 3:52  was on target for 3:45 but at 18 my two legs started to cramp , the pain was phenomenal, the first aid tent at 18.5 wanted me to stop but i was halving none of it.i streched and off i hobbled again , ran another mile  and the same thing, strange thoughts started in my head to stop but i could not stop i had raised over 5000 euro for motern neuron and i was not going to let them down, my energy level an breating was 100%, i could do it but the legs were saying diffrent, i developed a strech ,walk run,program of my own in desperation to cross the finish line, i had to stop five times to do this before i crossed the finish line.the crowd chearing was better than any pain killers  .mixed feelings on crossing the line delight for doing it, foolish for putting my body trough such pain as the photos show it, two pulled hamstrings the physio tells me , was it worth it .YES"

From 4:15 Pacer: "If I hear one more shout of Come on Athenry, I'm going to join the club and run for them next year".


First Timers

John Daly

Anne Hunter

Assumpta Feeney

Caroline Mitchell

Clare Mitchell

Fiona Doughan

Frances Leahy

Frank Noone

Gearoid Rohan

Jane Mangan

Jim Leahy

Kellie O'Shaughnessy

Kenneth O'Hara

Maire Finn

Mairead Blake

Mairead Sullivan

Maria Lambe

Marian Donohue

Martin Hynes

Michelle Tooher

Pat McDonagh

Shirley Quinn

Tomas Ruane

Yvonne Dowling



Patrick Kelly

Sinead Brody

Ray Somers

Patrick Forde

Orla McCluskey

Noel  Fox

Martin O'Hara

Mark Breen

Maeve Noone

Liam Egan

Kieran Guirey

George Livanos

Frank Burke

Deirdre Quinn

Deirdre Hassett

David Noone

Brian O'Donnell


They Also Served...

Colin Duane

Ray O'Connor

Philip Magnier

Peadar Nugent

Mick Rice

Maura Treasa Beatty

Martin Keane

John Langan

Bridget Anne Walsh



A few photos taken by various people: