Assumpta & Flora T&F'ing!

Published in Reports on 14th July 2014

Galway Adult Track & FieldCountyChampionships - 10th July 2014.

We arrived at registration in Dangan Sports track and signed up for 3 events. Both of us in the same category - Masters F35.

1st event - The High Jump.

Officials: Have you ever done this before?

Assumpta & Flora: Nope.

Officials: Now ladies, you need to be technically aware of the event you are taking part in.

Flora: Ah give us a shot.

Assumpta: Go on, we’re quick learners.

So down the bar went to 1 meter and with some advice on technique from the officials we took a few practice runs and found to our surprise that we were well able to jump! The competition started with just the two of us in it and so the bar was raised to 1m 5cm. Flora got over it first time. Assumpta however took two goes at it and missed, badly. Then with a bit of support and clapping from the bemused onlookers she managed to haul her ass over it! Then the bar was raised to 1m 10cm. Now 5 centimetres doesn’t seem like a lot but trust us… it was. A few failed attempts each and that was that, we called it a day and ran off to the next event shouting thanks for all the help to the officials who were obviously glad that we were on our way!

Results: Flora gold, Assumpta silver.


2nd event – The 100 meter sprint.

Officials: Ladies you’re 3 mins late.

Assumpta & Flora: Sorry, sorry. We’re good to go now. Do we need to use the blocks??

Officials: Well seeing as you’re Masters; no you don’t have to.

Flora: Phew!

On your marks, get set – GO!! Well we couldn’t go far wrong with this event. Both of us knew how to sprint at least, even if we may have died towards the last few meters!

Results: Assumpta gold, Flora bronze.


3rd event – The Javelin.

Assumpta & Flora: How do you hold this thing?

Officials: For real like??

A few pointers from the officials on technique and the rules of the foul line explained and we took a few practice shots at throwing it. Flora kept ducking as if it was going to hit her on the head! Not really sure what that was about but confident we were capable of getting good results in this event, we confirmed we were taking part.

Flora’s first throw was long and landed correctly for a good throw. Except… she walked over the foul line. “No throw” shouted the official. Damn it.

The second and third were also no throws due to the way they landed so a kind official took her to one side and advised her to just stand at the line and throw it, making sure it stuck in the ground.

Assumpta had no real problems in this event. Once it was explained to her that she didn’t need to take a big long run at it (almost 10 meters!). She got 4 good throws in.

So it was down to the last throw for Flora to try and get a silver medal. With everyone standing by waiting to see if she could manage a good throw the atmosphere was tense, barely a whisper out of anyone. She walked up to the line, took a deep breath and flung the javelin in the air and low and behold it stuck in the ground! “Good throw” the Official shouted and with cheers and whoops of delight she jumped up and down and celebrated by hopping…. straight over the foul line!! “No throw” the Official shouted.

Results: Assumpta gold.


A very enjoyable evening was had. We can’t thank the Officials enough for all the support and advice they gave us and for allowing us to take part even though we were first timers for two events! And sure to come away with 5 County medals between us was the icing on the cake. Masters?? Of course we are!