Lyall finished 6th in today's Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race in approx 1:28:20. This was a big target race for Lyall as it is an indicator for the New York marathon which takes place in 4 weeks.

Lyall tells us about the runner in the picture above "The runner I'm taking to in the photo is a guy who I ran shoulder-to-shoulder with, or a metre behind, or a metre ahead of, from 100 metres in until the 14 mile marker. It was surreal, we were bang on each other's pace - which often happens for a few miles here and there in longer races, but I've never had it for any full distance. We didn't say a word to each other the whole time - just now and then quietly changed positions at the front. He led for the first 4, then me for the next 6, then he went to the front for the next 3, then I edged ahead for the 14th mile... And then I killed myself in the final mile, ran my fastest split of the whole race, and dropped him by 20 seconds".

Congrats on a great race Lyall!


8 years 8 months ago

Great to see the Athenry AC singlet doing us all proud down in Cork!