Updated results now attached - should reflect reality a little more closely.

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Some images from last night (couresy of Francis Kennedy) can be found here: http://eirefoto.com/10_5k_series_A_home.htm .



14 years ago

from organizers. Another year on its way with a good start.


14 years ago

I picked up 2 jackets at the starting line after the race on Tuesday night, light blue and black one but when I got home realised that they were not mine.
So someone may have picked up mine by mistake .... might be too small for you as the ones I have now are mens and am missing 2 ladies ones.
The black one I'm missing is an Adidas jacket with the sleeves removed from it.

Anyone picked them up by mistake? May be able to swap back at next race?

I'm down a light blue jacket with a black hat in the pocket from the start after last week. Would appreciate it if you would drop it into the Ard-Ri if it hasn't been claimed yet!

tony o'c


14 years ago

In reply to by Tony O'Callaghan

Yes, that sounds like the blue we have too. There is a hat in the pocket. Will drop it into Ard Ri this evening too. Looks like we have found the owners of the two jackets we picked up by mistake, but no sign of ours. Might be still on the roadside in Athenry :-(

Tony Nevin

14 years ago

Hi,someone also picked up my black asics jacket from the start too ,I walked home cold :-( anyone have it?

Hi Tony,
Think it may be your jacket I picked up by mistake. Its a black asics one with a hood. I can bring it to race this evening. I can leave it at the Ard Ri and put your name on it.
Thanks, Martina