Ballycotton 2008 - Caption Competition - We Have A Winner!

Published in Club News on 10th March 2008

And the winner is TJ Beatty with his glorious observation...

"I heard that the course was waterlogged, but this is ridiculous!!!!!"

Much respect to Mr.Delmer for being such a sport about this. Given that this competition was so popular I'll have to repeat it again soon. If you see me with a camera - watch out - you have been warned!

TJ - I have a hat for you !


Ok - This is our First Annual Post-Ballycotton Weekend Caption Competition or the FAPBWCC as I pretend to prefer to call it.

All you need to do is post your suggested (Keep It Country [TM - James Lundon] please) caption as a comment to this article for the photo above and the best one gets a spare Athenry AC 10k green woolly hat as a prize (our generosity knows no bounds). Dodgy ones will be laughed at and then deleted.

If you have a superbly funny, yet unfortunately unpublishable, caption you may email them to the judge (me) at [email protected].

Happy Captioning.


"We know your Superman these days, but you can't turn the storm back"

Athenry AC Team mate finds way to handicap Peter for Connemara

Forget the green 10k woolly hat, Peter, just let it go, let it go.....

Wet n Wild with the men from the Wesht

(I might as well get in on the act myself ... Rice you're dead!) may be a hug too far.. but well done Dave for trying to turn the tide and get at least one Athenry AC man to take part in the Mayo Road League 2008!

david- can i have a piggy back pete- jump on my back and you will not run again

lol and lol again



Shoot David not here Rice has the Camera

Hi Guys,
Been new to the club and ye said going to runs was fun and you meet other club members did not think you ment to get so close!!!!!!!!!!!!

What would you guys get up to in Iceland with hot springs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

an athlete at his pinnacle

The men from the West, in touch with their feminine side.