You know you are a runner when:

- You finish the race looking like you wrestled a bear and you don't care.

- You combine phrases like "10 mile run" and "Easy run" in the same breath.

- You can sharpen an axe blade on your calves.

- Find humour in an other's running form.

- Watching a Marathon on T.V. made you get up and go for a run.

- You can hallucinate and get high at the same time without taking anything.

- You wash your shorts in the shower.

- Every road you drive on you think what a great hill session this would be.

-You look at Paul Tergat and Daniel Komen, both who look like famine victims, and you think "Damn! I wish that I could have a body like that!"

- You consider a 15 mile run a good cure for a hangover

- You scare the **** out of people when you pass them because they couldn't hear you coming.

- You finish a hard track workout with a killer headache and you say "That was great".

- You almost wish that a pickpocket would grab your wallet so that you could chase him down.

- You know just how far a "k" is.

- A car horn makes your middle finger rise into the air by reflex.

- You eat 4000 calories a day and still lose weight.

- Your relatives and co-workers think you are crazy.

- You waste ridiculous amounts of time engaged in meaningless arguments and discussions about running.

- When a non-runner asks you if you "jog" you have to fight the urge to punch them in the face

- Your nipples have ever bled.

- Chafing is a serious medical condition.

- You can't imagine not running.

- You get asked by strangers why you are "running with extra shoes" when you are carrying your flats to a workout.

- The first question anybody asks you once they find out you are a runner is "Have you ever run the marathon?" and even if you explain that you are a miler or 5k runner - then they immediately lose interest in the conversation.

- You have pissed in public more often then your dog.

- You get the urge to kill when you hear "Run Forest run".

- You understand that XC and Track are actually contact sports.

- You feel proud when someone says "You're so thin".

- You've wallpapered an entire room in race numbers.

- You get a kick out of passing cyclists.

- You stay up 3 hrs past your normal bedtime to catch a 3 minute race.

- You use Vaseline on your bits that rub.

- You've started a ten miler thinking "I'm gonna take it easy today" only to find yourself sprinting at the end to break 80 minutes.

- You wake up every morning in pain.

- You have running withdrawl if you don't run everyday.

- You're running in your dreams.

- You drink more water than Free Willy.

- Your calves are bigger than your biceps.

- Talking about the colour of your urine comes as natural as talking about the weather.

- You take the splits of little old ladies jogging around the track "just in case".

- When it comes to figuring out split times and pace, you are a regular Rain Man...

- You have an idol whom you have been to school more than they have.

- You continue running even when your nose starts bleeding.

- If you've been introduced to another "serious runner", after a two-minute background check (best event, PR, date and race where PR was set) you know if they are legit, or full of ****, because you are a walking database of running statistics.

....feel free to add more...

Mick Rice

16 years 3 months ago

- You have one pair of normal shoes for interviews and weddings but also possess, three pairs of training shoes, a pair of flats, two pairs of spikes (track and cross-country), trail shoes (worn once) and a couple of pairs of lighweight trainers for marathons......and of course you know in your heart you could probably live without the normal shoes.


16 years 3 months ago

Singlet and shorts are first thing into the holiday suitcase - just in case ....


16 years 3 months ago

You learn pace tables like kids learn times tables


16 years 3 months ago have heard of an IT band, and more importantly you know where it is !!!


16 years 3 months ago

........the first thing you do on a foreign holiday is look for a good training route.


16 years 3 months ago know that "pronation" does not mean the opposite of "anti Irish"


16 years 3 months ago can recognize the "real runners" from the footballers when doing your regular run by doing laps of a playing field.Footballers believe 5 laps is a long run.


16 years 2 months ago

your shoes have more miles than your car