2008 Race Booklet

Published in Fields of Athenry 10km on 28th December 2008

Very much a labour of love and one I hope that some will enjoy...

See PDF attachment (1.6MB) for a print copy!


Well done James!! The best race programme i've seen! A very enjoyable read!!

Personal race reports in a great-looking package are always the deal, James (and whoever else contributed to the production, probably Johnny O'Connor), well done on a great programme.

Still trying to figure out who the 27th Athenry runner mentioned in the Dublin Marathon is. The programme lists only 25 though I made it 26. I also know that St Finbarr's AC in Cork claimed to have more than 26.

I think its Lezan Kumatai.......i know i was being called 3rd athenry man all the way round and i was wondering myself for about 20 mile who the hell it was...