Find enclosed as good a visual report(!) of a marathon as you are ever likely to see. I met Maurice the day after Cork in the Westwood Hotel after the Dangan leg of the Galway May 5KM series and happened to flick through the Cork Marathon programme he had with him. He had just annotated the centre pages i.e. map of the course and thought his notes were both very insightful and also gave a good idea how the race had gone for him personally. After much discussion between his agent and mine, I obtained exclusive rights to the page, which is reproduced in the PDF attached to this article. Maurice's own comments follow presently:

On the Monday, 1st June 2009 I ran the Cork Marathon. Despite several attempts, I was unable to bring myself to write a full report. Memories of the ordeal are hazy at best. However, I did scrawl some thoughts and data on the race map, just afterwards. I suppose they tell their own story...

Thanks to Jane-Ann, Mick, Johnny, Gary, Sinead, Conor, and especially Alan and Brian for all their support. It was a privilege being involved in the event with you!

Jane-Ann and Maurice in a very hot Cork 09

Jane-Ann and Maurice in a very hot Cork 09

Valerie G

14 years 10 months ago

Good job Maurice!!
funniest report Ive seen in a while I might use this format for my next adventure - if there ever is one...